Rose Bushes Done Right at Nature Hills!

Rose Bushes Done Right at Nature Hills!

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Nature Hills Nursery loves Roses! Our spectacular Rose bush offerings include many styles, sizes, and colorful Rose varieties! But we also focus on ensuring you receive a quality Rose root system from the very start!

Nature Hills is aligned with Top Brands to bring you the best of the best in modern Rose genetics and old-fashioned standards alike! We work to offer the entire line of Drift® Roses, Easy Elegance® Roses, Knock Out® and Proven Winners® Oso Easy® Roses, and many more!

Find a Kaleidoscope of Colors in our Extensive Rose Bush Selection!

Do you want fragrance or color? Long-lasting blooms or dependability? Disease resistance or easy care? You can have it all with new Roses on the market today! We offer hundreds of popular Rose shrub types, including:

  • Exquisite and fragrant Hybrid Tea Roses
  • Beloved Rose Garden Rose bushes and specimen plants
  • There are Landscape Shrub Roses you can count on for utilitarian garden use
  • Floribunda Roses hold their blooms in showy clusters
  • Climbing Roses make the most of small space gardens with incredible vertical canes
  • The ever-impressive blooms of the Grandiflora Rose Bush stop you in your tracks
  • Native and Wild Roses have retained their hardiness and durability
  • A marvelous assortment of fragrant, salt-tolerant Rugosa Roses that support beneficial pollinators, and birds with their rose hips. They grow into a big, beautiful barrier planting to increase the security on your property.
  • Many forms of Rose-Trees to add high-end design style!

Types of Roses

The modern Rose is a low-maintenance and easy-care shrub that isn’t as fussy as Grandmother's Roses. Even urban and city gardens can enjoy a carefree, healthy flowering shrub without all the work! No cutting garden or Cottage garden is complete without Roses!

What is the Meaning of Rose Colors?

In the Victorian language of flowers, a bouquet could be an entire love letter! Color, scents, and specific flowers are directly linked to our memories, moods, and mindset.

Find some Zen, add some cheer, show your appreciation or affection, memorialize an event or a loved one's memory, and enhance your landscape

Choose your Rose color to suit your needs and desires; taking into account the effects that color will have on you and your environment!

Blue Roses

Blue Girl Hybrid Tea Rose

The tantalizing Blue Rose bushes for sale online at will amaze you! No Rose Bush collection is complete without their iced tones that represent sophistication and high style.

  • The rare Blue Girl Hybrid Tea Rose is one of the world's most astonishing achievements that take on a range of bluish hues as they open and age. Opening from dark lavender-blue buds, the huge, high-centered flowers have a true silvery-lavender blue finish!
  • While the fragrant Arctic Blue™ Floribunda Rose makes an icy lavender-blue focal point you'll be proud to show off!

Violets Pride Rose

Purple Roses

Purple Roses bring an alluring sense of mystical fantasy and intrigue to your landscape. Purple bush Roses act as a fascinating representation of royalty and magic.

  • Like the seductive Ebb Tide Floribunda which is one of the most fragrant Roses we offer!
  • Or the lush petals of Violet's Pride™ to create a perfectly polished counterbalance?

Red Roses

Easy Elegance® Screaming Neon Red™ RoseThe tried and true garden standard Red Rose’s meaning is transcendent across space and time! Representing passionate love and making a vigorous overture to that special someone in your life!

  • You can't go wrong with the Drop Dead Red Rose, which is the floral version of the little black dress.
  • Your pollinator garden needs an Easy Elegance® Screaming Neon™ Rose that features boldly ruffled, single blooms that butterflies go absolutely ga-ga for!

Pink Roses

Beverly™ Eleganza® Hybrid Tea RosePink Roses represent optimism, gratitude, and new beginnings. Can you think of a sweeter housewarming present, or welcome a new baby?

  • If pink is your color, then you need the award-winning Beverly™ Eleganza® Hybrid Tea Rose to add fragrance and designer style to any sunny spot.
  • Choose an easy-care, repeat blooming, and cold hardy Chuckles Rose if you live in a tough climate but still need effervescent cheerfulness in the garden!

Orange Roses

Vavoom™ Rose BushThe vivacious and juicy color of Orange Roses means a perfect pop of pure energy! Recharge your landscape with these zesty and juicy tones! You'll be pleased with how well they play with other colors in a mixed garden border!

  • The Sassy, sexy Vavoom Rose brings a dynamic look to your entertainment area!
  • The easy-care Peachy Knock Out® Rose is a perfectly warm blend of mixed orangy-peachy hues that look incredible with any other color in a supportive show.

Yellow Roses

Easy Elegance® Yellow Submarine RoseYellow Roses, (although some are a bit harder to grow, but not these two) make people smile with their chic and cheerful demeanor. Embodying sunny days, friendship, and happiness are the meaningful translations of yellow Roses.

  • An Easy Elegance® Yellow Submarine Rose takes you on a magical journey with its revolutionary tones.
  • While Doris Day Floribunda Rose couldn't be any cuter lined up in a row along a white picket fence!

White Roses

White Rugosa RoseWhite Rose blossoms signify innocence and purity, embody weddings and brides, and also help us remember our loved ones who have passed. Growing white Roses also bring a crisp, clean, and even formal look to evening Moon Gardens with blooms that catch the starlight. Nature Hills has many white Rose plants for sale!

  • The fragrant White Rugosa Rose brings plenty of butterflies to your garden.
  • The Pope John Paul II Rose offers one of the most spectacular white flower forms available!

Choose Nature Hills For Roses Online

You'll appreciate the quality root systems and larger container sizes of our mature Rose bushes! 

Our expert growers take such amazing care of your gorgeous Roses, and you'll be the proud owner of a happy, healthy Rose that has had years of expert care in the field - not babied in a hot house.

Nature Hills Rose bushes sport mature root systems so you can ensure they get established in your garden fast! The costs of a mature Rose bush plant can really be considered in terms of time because we've spent more time growing out the larger container sizes, and you'll be the one to reap the rewards!

Modern Roses exhibit tolerance to many common Rose diseases and many are known for being very winter hardy! We offer hardy Rose bushes that are cold-tolerant down to USDA growing zone 3 and disease-resistant Roses in USDA planting zones 9-11 that have incredibly high heat tolerance.

Please study each Roses product page to get all the growing details for your favorite selections! Type your zip code into our Zone Finder to find out what USDA Plant Hardiness Zone you are in.

Landscape Design Tips - Where to Plant Rose Bushes

Rose ContainerThe colors, shapes, and fragrances of gorgeous Rose bush flowers are simply stunning! Their perky, lavish blooms can be enjoyed in garden containers to decorate your porch and patio, or trimmed regularly for cut flower arrangements indoors! Run a series of long hedges to define your space and add season-long color.

When you want to make an immediate impact, go with the Rose bushes at Nature Hills!

  • Fantastic hedges and privacy screens, few will dare tangle with a thorny barrier along your property lines and private outdoor areas! Use large Roses as backdrops to your landscaping beds too!
  • A Miniature dwarf Shrub Rose, like spicy Coffee Bean™ Rose, that won’t rely on grand size to add a huge impact on your garden!
  • Low-growing Groundcover Rose bushes that spread wide, add beauty and coverage, without sacrificing space.
  • Climbing Rose canes have silhouettes that create a magnificent screen with a small footprint. Make a gigantic statement with the striped blooms of the best tree-climbing Roses like Tropical Lightning™ Climbing Rose plants cover a trellis in romantic arching and cascading canes.
  • Tropical Lightning™ RoseRoses can be grafted and trained into trees too! Our expertly trained Rose tree forms deliver a boost of designer style to your sunny landscapes! Keep one on your balcony in a large container, or anchor a planting bed with one or more! You’ll be amazed!
  • Bushy Rose shrubs certainly modernize the look of foundation plantings. Mix among evergreens and combine incredibly with other types of Roses! Plus, Nature Hills sells so many unique types of Roses for you to plant! Be amazed by multi-colored Rose bushes that take color to a new level!

Check back regularly, as we're always adding new enticing varieties for you to drool over! Dream of a luxuriant landscape with Roses bushes large and small!

Rose Bush FAQ’s

"What Is Best for a Rose Bush Full Sun or Shade?"

Growing Roses is relatively easy, especially when they are planted in the right site. Roses love the sun, the more the better producing more flowers and quicker rebloom! They also love good air circulation and well-drained soils that are watered and fertilized as needed.

"What is the Best Way to Plant a Rose Bush?"

Woman planting RosesBe sure to situate Roses correctly to solve 99% of the issues. Planting Rose bushes in the right spot makes all the difference! Don’t plant too deep, and leave some space between plants. Don’t forget to mulch. They love mulch! Provide consistent water and regular fertility for maximum health and bloom quality.

Proper care and attention are needed, a quality slow-release fertilizer and a habit of proper winterizing are all it takes to enjoy your flowering shrubs need so you will enjoy years, if not decades, of beautiful blooms.

Include a 3-4 inch thick layer of arborist mulch chips to insulate the root zone and hold moisture at a more regulated level. In late fall, mounding the plants with a layer of mulch about a foot deep, especially in colder zones, will ensure winter protection easily!

Find Rose Pruning, Rose Care, and more in our #ProPlantTips Garden Blog!

"Why Are Roses So Expensive?"

For the cost of a dozen long-stemmed Roses from the florist, you can plant a Rose bush for hundreds of blooms each season - plus years of enjoyment.

A Rosebush needs a good root system to get established successfully and this takes time. Most Roses are grafted onto highly disease-resistant and specialized rootstock to further the health and longevity of your shrub.

Properly grafted Roses will produce some nice strong canes and good roots. Our own-root Roses are well-branched and have a nice fibrous root system. Both take time, unlike the poorly developed plants that you find at discount stores.

If you are on a budget, check out our selection of bareroot Roses or smaller containers. Then simply lavish your care for another year or two as they play catch up!

Pruning Roses"Why do Roses Die so Quickly?"

As mentioned above, quality is key! When you choose high-quality, professionally grown Rose plants from Nature Hills, you are guaranteed the best possible success from the start!

"How Do I Prune My Roses?"

When Do I Prune My Roses? Read our #ProPlantTips insight into the art of pruning Roses to increase sunlight and air circulation. In general, Roses should not be pruned in the fall, but wait until spring to prune back the roses that bloom on new wood.

Order Roses From The Rose Experts At!

Once you learn just how carefree modern Roses are and how gorgeous and worth a bit of extra fussing that old-fashioned varieties are, you’ll feel better as a first-time Rose shrub grower! Buy your Rose bushes for sale on our website. Combined with our Product Guarantee and expert horticultural and customer service team, you'll enjoy a fantastic Rose-planting success story every time!

Nature Hills is here to help you order the perfect Rose bushes for your landscape today! We'll ship them directly to your doorstep when the time is right for planting in your area! Click the photos to learn more, or call our plant experts today!

Happy Planting!

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