Must-Have New Roses for 2022!

Must-Have New Roses for 2022!

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Opulent new Rose bushes are colorful, fragrant, substantial and so satisfying is one of the Internet's very best places for buying big, beautiful Rose bushes. Our growers are the best in the business!

Each year, our expert buying team finds the prettiest new choices to offer. 2022 is no exception to this…be prepared to be dazzled with these superlative new Rose bushes.

Frankly, we've all earned them, haven't we? In 2022, people are going back to very old-fashioned, cupped flower form and saturated color.

Many of the new Roses for 2022 also feature captivatingly fragrant blooms. With a plethora of beloved Rose traits in the lineup, the new 2022 Roses truly offer a welcome experience to enjoy!

Of course, these are wonderfully modern cultivars with excellent disease-resistance to old bugaboos, like rust, powdery mildew and blackspot. Scientific Rose breeders take their time field-testing and trialing these incredible bloomers; and only offer the finest selections.

Enjoy getting to know your new favorites. Which varieties will you add to your collection this year?

Whichever 2022 Rose you fall in love with, you'll want to hurry to place your order and reserve your Rose. You'll be competing with thousands of other avid collectors across the country...don't miss this year's inventory!

New Rose Bushes for 2022

Soft Yellow Chantilly Cream™ Hybrid Tea Rose

Impeccable Hybrid Tea Chantilly Cream™ Rose (Rosa 'WEKmedamely') features pointed, ovoid buds that swirl open to reveal very double blooms. The petal count ranges from 50 all the way up to an astonishing 145!

Chantilly Cream rose

With a strong citrus and fruit fragrance, this soft yellow Hybrid Tea is a delightful study in light, sunny tones. The blossoms are blissfully color-fast from buttery buds through a cream finish.

Chantilly Cream Hybrid Tea Rose bushes easily tolerate the high heat of summer. Each spiraled, elegant bloom is perfectly offset by the clean, medium-green, glossy foliage and medium-length stems.

You'll be delighted by these four-inch wide roses that are held mostly singly on the bush. Hybridized by Christian Bédard, you'll enjoy Chantilly Cream Roses in recurring flushes from late spring through frost!

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Mellow Apricot Floribunda Forever Amber™ Rose

This showy Floribunda features yummy apricot blooms that perform beautifully in the garden. You'll be able to gather armloads of clustered, cuppy blooms from Forever Amber™ Rose (Rosa 'WEKcaspetono').

Forever Amber rose

The warm toffee and apricot tones and moderately fruity fragrance are so easy to live with! Forever Amber Rose is also a grand choice to use as a long hedge in a sunny spot.

Excellent disease resistance is bred into this improved cultivar. The dark green, glossy foliage stays clean and free of powdery mildew, rust and blackspot.

You'll be astonished at the old-fashioned flower power of this marvel that was hybridized by Tom Carruth. With Forever Amber Rose, you'll be treated to a range of 50 - 150 petals in every four-inch bloom!

Go ahead and trim plenty of the blooming clusters for indoor arrangements. You'll help to encourage new repeat flushes of blooms from late spring through fall.

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Dramatic Miniature Midnight Fire™ Rose

Pop these rounded, bushy Miniature Roses anywhere you need a little impact. With up to 70 petals apiece, the cuppy, old-fashioned blooms are revamped with a showy modern style.

Midnight Fire

Each beautiful orange, very double bloom is overlaid with purple smoke. The unforgettable Midnight Fire™ Rose (Rosa 'WEKboulette') was hybridized by Christian Bédard. 

Handsome, dark green foliage covers these petite bushes and acts as a perfect foil for the flowers. Each season, Midnight Fire Rose produces a plethora of blooms in recurring flushes from late spring through fall.

Edge your garden border, or use them in patio containers. Flamboyant night Fire Rose is an excellent choice for the plant-lover in your life as a gift plant, too!

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Don't Miss Out on Our Gorgeous Roses from 2021, Either!

Perhaps you missed out on last year's new introductions. Move fast to lock in your order for these high-end garden performers this year. growing teams start shipping when the time is right for planting in your local area. Skip the hassles of shopping…and track your large Rose bushes directly to your doorstep!

Incredibly Fragrant Perfume Factory™ Hybrid Tea Rose Perfume Factory Rose

Scintillating Perfume Factory™ Rose (Rosa 'WEKnewibpusbi') is a lovely Hybrid Tea with plummy, magenta blooms that lighten up near the margins. Of course, the blooms feature a strong scent that is both fruity and spicy.

Hybridized by Tom Carruth, these are definitely "new-fangled" Rose bushes with extraordinary disease resistance to rust and powdery mildew. Hot, dry climates are her favorite!

Snip the ambrosial blooms, held singly on sturdy stems regularly, to encourage repeat blooms from late spring to frost. Each rose spirals open to reveal up to 40 full, fragrant petals apiece for a marvelous bouquet.

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Outstanding Grandiflora Fun in the Sun™ Rose

Stand back for an exceptional Rose bush in your garden this season! Fun in the Sun Rose (Rosa 'WEKpupmobalip') showcases incredible, lavish blooms packed with 54 to 146 petals in every one.

Fun in the Sun Rose

The easy-breezy colorway looks like a day at the beach. Study the petals and you'll see shell-pink to warm, sandy beige to every color in between.

Stunning Fun in the Sun Rose is a showpiece you can build your entire garden design around. Keep this English-style Rose bush in your sunny borders; or plant them in tall, deep pots for your balcony.

With a strong fruity and spicy fragrance, this Grandiflora also adds a terrific layer of scent in your space. Call it living aromatherapy…the gorgeous roses will effortlessly lift your spirit outside or in cut flower arrangements indoors.

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Cool-Toned Floribunda Silver Lining™ Rose Silver Lining Rose

Exquisite clusters of blooms Silver Lining Rose (Rosa ''WEKcrypepios') each feature up to 48 slightly reflexed petals apiece. The flowers come in recurring flushes through the long growing season.

Hybridized by Christian Bédard, Silver Lining is a perfectly iced lavender that boasts a full, classic form. Put on a command performance with these clean, healthy bushes.

People rave about purple Roses, and this elegant, lightly scented choice makes a wonderful addition. Imagine all the beautiful material for cut flowers you'll have on hand each year!

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Fun-Loving Groundcover Playful Happy Trails™ Rose Playful Happy Trails Rose

Adorn the ground at your feet with a happy mix of warm tones all season-long! These delightful bloomers are covered in red blooms with bold yellow centers. 

As each of the pointed petals age, they flush more fully red. Let this durable modern selection scramble and trail to fill your garden with vibrant color.

Give butterflies and hummingbirds a long-lasting source of nectar with Playful Happy Trails. They produce loads of single blooms, then rebloom for many months…requiring very little care.

Let them fill in at the edge of a slope or decorate the edges of a patio pot. Make the most of every square inch with their ground-hugging growth habit.

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Site Selection is Key to Successful Roses

This year's extravagant Rose bush collection from will make anyone smile. Plan another row in your Rose Garden; or create a series of stylish hardy outdoor containers for your patio!

Beautifully bred for disease-resistance, you can keep your new 2022 Roses in tip-top shape. Deciding where to plant your Rose is the second most important choice after deciding which one you'll buy!

Give Roses full sun, with a preference to the drying power of the morning sun if you have it. Go ahead and have mature trees pruned up to allow your Roses more sunlight (hey, we all have priorities!)

Air circulation is another important consideration when planting your Roses. Allow plenty of airflow around each plant to keep the plants dry and clean.

Site Selection pictures

Care Tips for 2022 Roses from

Water the root zone regularly, using soaker hoses when possible. Overhead watering can cause leaf spots on the foliage.

Use mulch to protect the foliage from soil splashing up during watering. Please pull it back away from directly touching the stems!

Feed your new Rose bushes with a high quality Rose formula in spring and again in mid-summer. Today's repeat bloomers really do best with a schedule of planned feeding.

care tips pictures

How-To Prep Your 2022 Roses for the Vase

Trim your garden Roses regularly to take blooms for indoor cut flower arrangements. This actually encourages the plant to start producing the next showy flush of flowers!

Roses in vase picture

Sharpen your garden shears and bring a bucket of water with you to harvest material for your bouquet. Snip the stems at a 45-degree angle and plunge them directly into your bucket.

Once indoors, seal the floral veins by retrimming the stem underwater. Remove any foliage that will be under the water line in your vase. 

While arranging, remove any damaged outer guard petals for a polished presentation. Please be sure to change your vase water daily for the longest life.

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