Rose Trees

Rose Trees

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A rose tree is a rose bush that has been grafted onto another stalk for strength and stability so it will grow as a tree.  The rose bush is grafted onto a central cane; sometimes they are called rose standards.  A rose tree will add color and structure to your landscape.  It will look terrific on a patio or front porch because of its decorative tree form and showy and fragrant blossoms.  Tree roses also make terrific center pieces for a small garden, adding height and color.

Rose trees are extremely easy to care for and make terrific cut flowers for arrangements. Rose bushes are an easy plant to maintain, but a rose tree needs extra care in order for it to flourish.  Pruning is a must when growing rose standards since pruning is always important when changing the natural form of a plant.  Improperly pruning standards may create too much top and not enough bottom.  This can cause the central cane to snap or crack; it may be necessary to provide two or three support stakes in windy or highly exposed sites.