"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." -  William Shakespeare

Rose lovers the world over know that roses are far more than beautiful flowers. The scent of the most fragrant roses can transform a drab day to an exceptional one. The best - no matter what form they come in, can elevate a garden or a bouquet beyond simple beauty to a sensory experience. Here at Nature Hills we have some of the best smelling roses available on the market today. They come in several forms: shrubs, small trees, climbers, floribundas, rugosas and hybrid teas. If it's fragrance you want, you're sure to find one that will fit into your garden.




Julia Child Floribunda Rose

Available in both shrub and tree form, this showstopper was chosen by the world-renowned chef herself as her namesake rose. The large buttery yellow roses have a very strong spicy fragrance with a touch of licorice scent. Two or three will perfume an entire room in your home.

Blue Girl Hybrid Tea Roseshop floribunda rose

This rose not only has an amazingly fruity fragrance, but a stop-you-in-your-tracks unique color. It is as close to a blue rose as breeders have ever come; a silver and lavender combination that is as sexy as the scent is sweet. Your garden won't be the same once you plant this beauty.


Zephirine Drouhin Climbing Roseshop Zephirine Drouhin Climbing Rose

This is THE classic climbing rose, setting the bar for all climbing roses to follow. Not only does this beauty bloom in sun or light shade, she has a distinctive damask rose scent that makes you want to stop when you walk under her and just breathe in deep.

Blanc Double De Coubert Hybrid Rugosa Rose 

This aristocratic rose set the world on fire when it was first presented in 1892. Its intense old rose scent is EXACTLY what you think of when you imagine the smell of a rose. It's what all rose-scented candles and soaps aspire to smell like. One of these plants will perfume your whole garden.


Easy Elegance Sweet Fragrance Rose      shop roses

Just as the name suggests, this easy care landscape rose has an unforgettably sweet fragrance. The apricot colored blooms just keep coming all season, too, giving you plenty of cut flowers for deliciously scented bouquets.