Top Picks - Delightfully Fragrant Rose Varieties!

Top Picks - Delightfully Fragrant Rose Varieties!

Rose image Top 5 Most Fragrant Roses

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." - William Shakespeare

Rose lovers the world over know that Roses are far more than just beautiful flowers. The scent of roses can transform a drab day into an exceptional one. Soothing the mind and nerves while enlivening the senses! 

Available in several forms: shrub, small trees, climbing, Grandiflora, Floribunda, groundcover, Rugosas and Hybrid Teas. If it's fragrance you want, then you're sure to find one that fits your garden and your personal style too!

Today we’ll look closer at these perfumed beauties:

Plus some honorable mentions we just couldn't leave out!
Rose list of most fragrant

1. Sweet Drift Rose

Groundcover Roses are low-growing carpets of non-stop blooms, and Sweet Drift is a fantastic Rose with incredible double-petaled blooms in a clear soft pink! One of the most fragrant of the Drift series, the fragrance is a sweet and true-rose scent that never overwhelms the senses! 

You’ll enjoy well-branched bunches filled with pink blooms for floral arrangements! Plus non-stop blooms with very little work from you! Perfect edging plants that greet you with fragrance along your pathways!

2. Livin Easy Rose

The award-winning Livin Easy Rose features a sweet, citrusy scent on equally juicy apricot, yellow and orange blossoms with a touch of pink! Fully double and ruffled, these vigorous Roses have all the modern perks of disease resistance and heat tolerance. 

A Floribunda shrub Rose, these are non-stop bloomers with a perky, vivacious sense of style! Fantastic specimen and accent roses, they deserve the spotlight in your garden beds and Cutting gardens!

3. Violet’s Pride Rose

Another Floribunda, Violet's Pride is a sultry lilac-pink, is named after one of our favorite characters in the TV series Downton Abbey! The fragrance is citrusy and spicy! A fantastic combination that will enchant the nose and soothe weary senses! 

The invigorating scent is fantastic indoors and out, great additions to floral arrangements, your nose never had it so good! These are just as hardy, resistant and tolerant as modern Roses come!

4. Anna's Promise Rose

A Grandiflora Rose, Anna’s Promise also hails from the Downton Abbey cast of characters and features lavish, large flowers in a golden coppery-orange! Featuring succulent juicy scents of citrus, rose and apples, it’s as perfect a cut flower as it is a hardy shrub rose!

The color alone makes these alluring blooms, but they’re also a delight for the nose too! Shrub Roses are as fantastic in the landscape as they are in the bouquet, perfuming the air anywhere they go.

5. White Licorice Rose

Creamy, warm and serene, White Licorice Rose is a Floribunda with ivory blossoms with a hint of lemon-chiffon coloration. But the real draw is their licorice and lemony scent that fills the nose and the garden in delightful perfume! 

With a glowing, moonbeam-like color, and unusual scent, White Licorice is a feast for your senses! Available in a tree form and a shrub, this classic Rose is nothing short of heavenly!

Honorable Mentions

Julia Child Floribunda Rose

Available in both shrub and tree form, this showstopper was chosen by the world-renowned chef herself as her namesake! The large buttery-yellow blooms are full, round and ruffled. With a very strong spicy scent with a touch of licorice, Floribunda Roses feature increased flowering and hardiness. Not to mention long-blooming, disease resistant and easy-care.

Zephirine Drouhin Climbing Rose

THE classic Climbing Rose, setting the bar for all that follow. Blooming in sun or light shade, but also a distinctive strongly scented Damask Rose fragrance that makes you stop and breathe deep! Climbing Roses can reach incredible heights, and Zephirine Drouhin is an antique, nearly thornless selection with a high petal count!

Easy Elegance Sweet Fragrance Rose

Just as the name suggests, this easy-care Rose has an unforgettably sweet fragrance! The apricot-colored blooms return all season! Great cut flowers and deliciously scented bouquets. Blooming until frost, this Grandiflora features the hardiness, disease resistance and vigor of a true Landscape Rose! 

Treat your nose!

Regardless of form, Roses elevate a garden or a bouquet beyond simple beauty to a full sensory experience! Here at Nature Hills, we have many types of fragrant Rose selections available, so, stop by and bring some divine fragrance into your home and garden this year with one or more of these fantastic selections!

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