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What to Expect from Your Nature Hills Order

Thank you for your business! From field to home, your new plant has been expertly grown, selected, packed and shipped directly to your door.

Please see below for steps to success to enjoy a beautiful and vigorous plant in your garden. And remember, our customer service team is here to help answer your questions.

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Once Plants Arrive, the First 48 Hours are Important

Once you receive your box, carefully open it and inspect your order. Do you see plant or box damage? Let us know right away. Take clear photos of the box and plant damage and call our NHN Customer Service team at 888-864-7663 for next steps.

Full NHN Replacement Policy

Carefully Select Where You’ll Put Your Plant

Plants have different tolerances to soils, shade, heat and cold. Be sure to read the plant facts on our website for your individual plant requirements.

Learn more with an expert #ProPlantTip on Selecting the Right Plant for Your Site

Successful Bare Root Plants

Receiving and Watering Bare Root Plants

If you ordered several bare root plants, they will be bundled together. They will be shipped wrapped in a bag with materials to protect their roots.

Don’t worry! Bare root plants do not have leaves. They may not win any beauty contests yet – but they are dormant and perfectly alive. Take good care of them, and you’ll be amazed at how well they adapt in your garden.
Bare Root - What to Expect

Carefully remove:

  • Ties, including the tie at the top of the roots holding more than one plant together
  • Root packing material
  • All plastic
Immediately soak your new bare root plant in a bucket of water for up to 24 hours.


Can’t Plant Right Away? Storing Bare Root Plants

If you cannot plant within 72 hours, follow these steps:

  • Open the bag and make sure the moss is covering all the roots - but not the trunk of the plant
  • Keep the moss moist, but not sopping wet
  • Loosely close the bag again over the plant
  • Store bare root plants in a cool location between 38 and 50 degrees
  • Do not allow plants to freeze


You can also “heel in” your bare root plants until you are ready to plant:

  • Dig a small trench in your garden soil and place the roots in the trench
  • Cover the roots with soil
  • Check the soil frequently
    • Water the soil keeping it evenly moist before it gets completely dry
    • Don’t let the soil get waterlogged – overwatering is bad for plants!


Planting Bare Root Plants

Successful Potted Plants

Receiving and Watering Potted Plants

Potted plants may or may not arrive with leaves. New buds and leaves are produced once your plant is settled and established in its new home.

Your plant is thirsty after the trip, so give it a long drink of water!

  • Dunk potted plants in a bucket of water until you stop seeing bubbles coming to the surface.
  • You can also run a slow stream of water from the hose over the soil for 5 minutes, until the soil is completely saturated.
  • Take your time for the best result!


Can’t Plant Right Away? Storing Potted Plants

If you cannot plant within 72 hours, follow these steps:

  • Open the plastic wrapper around the pot
  • Carefully water the soil a small amount every day until planted. Avoid extremes:
    • Do not overwater, so it sits in standing water
    • Do not let roots dry out
  • Keep the plants out of extreme heat and cold
    • Avoid direct sun, store in the shade until it can be planted
    • At night, place in an area where it will not freeze, such as a garage


Planting Potted Plants

Dig, plant, water and mulch. Follow these steps to success:

  • Dig a hole three times as wide, but not any deeper than the pot
    • Roughen up the sides of the hole using your shovel or a garden fork
    • Keep the worked dirt nearby so you can fill in around the new plant
  • Carefully remove the pot from the plant by tapping the bottom and sides until the plant slides out. Put the plant in the hole, making sure you keep the soil level of the potted plant even with the surface of the ground:
    • Do not plant any deeper than your plant is growing in the pot
    • Do not plant too shallow and expose the roots to risk of drying out

  • Backfill all around the plant with your native soil completely
  • Water the plant deeply for at least five minutes after planting to settle the soil around the roots
  • Mulch your plant
    • Add at least three inches of mulch over the roots around your plant
    • Keep all mulch away from the stems of the plants and away from the trunks of the trees


Tips and Tricks to Establish Your Plant

Use the “Finger Test” to check the soil

For the first week, check the soil regularly using the Finger Test. If the soil feels dry, give your plant a deep drink of water. If the soil feels moist, check back the next day.

For the first few months, your plants will need regular rain or deep watering each week to optimize survival and healthy growth. Use the Finger Test during extremely hot weather to avoid extremes, such as: over or under watering. Water the soil at the base of your plant, not the leaves if possible.