Climbing Roses

Climbing Roses

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Climbing Roses are unique plants that score very high on the visibility table. They are usually grown in obvious locations such as an arbor, pillar, trellis, fence, or house wall. Their height and showy foliage display the flowers from various angles. The climbing rose can be used in a vertical garden and they do not take up much room. Climbing roses have been a part of the Rosa genus for as long as roses have been grown. All classes of roses have climbing forms. These climbers have canes that grow much longer and more flexible than other bush roses. Some of the modern climbing roses are the results of mutations.

Climbing roses usually grow from 8 to 20 feet tall and they may have a heavy early bloom and then sporadic blooms the rest of the year or they may bloom all summer long, depending on the cultivar. Climbing roses do not have the ability to cling to trellis or support by themselves. They need to be tied and trained to grow on their supports. There are many climbing roses on the market and they are available in white, red, lavender, pink, and variegated colors. Nature Hills offers several varieties of climbing roses. Click the photos to learn more, or call our plant experts at (888) 864-7663.