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Green Jewel Coneflower overview
Green Jewel Coneflower overview Green Jewel Coneflower 2 blooms Green Jewel Coneflower single bloom
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Green Jewel Coneflower

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Large Lime Green Flowers 

Coneflower Green Jewel, Echinacea purpurea 'Green Jewel' (PP#18,678), is a fragrant jewel every garden must have!

The large green cone center is surrounded by soft green petals that stay true to their color as they age.  'Green Jewel' has truly lime green flowers on a nicely compact habit.  It is perfect for fresh cut or dried floral arrangements. Echinacea 'Green Jewel' was discovered by Piet Oudolf and introduced through Future Plants.

For best results, plant in full sun in a well drained area. Echinacea is known for its large flower heads that turn to seed in the fall. It is a great choice for cut flowers, and it adds a wilderness look to your garden. Not only is it a prized perennial for many gardeners, but it is also said to be a potent medicine.

Divide clumps when they become overcrowded (about every 4 years).

'Green Jewel' usually reblooms without deadheading, but if spent flowers are removed, this procedure will encourage continued beautiful blooms and improves general appearance. This coneflower keeps coming all summer on tall plants with excellent branching;  deer resistant.

If you leave some spent blooms on the plants in fall their seeds provide winter food for birds.  You can enjoy the dried seed heads as well, because they will provide architectural interest in the winter.

'Green Jewel' will give you weeks of color with its outstanding and unusually brilliant lime green color! 

* Petals Stay Lime Green
* Large Flowers Bloom All Summer
* Compact Plant


Green Jewel Coneflower Is Suited to Grow in Zones 3-8
Growing Zones 3-8
More Information
Brand Nature Hills Nursery
Botanical Name Echinacea 'Green Jewel'
Foliage Green
Mature Height 20 - 24 inches
Mature Spread 12 - 18 inches
Soil Type Widely adaptable
Sun Exposure Full Sun, Partial Sun
Growth Rate Medium
Flower Color Light Green