Creating A Patio Garden Is A Fun And Rewarding Project

Creating A Patio Garden Is A Fun And Rewarding Project

Creating A Patio Garden

Creating A Patio Garden Is A Fun And Rewarding Project

Creating a patio garden can transform your patio into a celebration of the senses with beauty, fragrance, texture and color.  From unique dwarf trees like a Meyer Lemon, bushes in tree form, to colorful shrubs, seasonal perennials, even evergreens to create some privacy.  You are only limited by your space & your imagination. Here are some top tips from our Nursery Manager at Nature Hills Nursery.

Utilize trees in pots.

Small trees in big pots are great for patios that lack much ground for planting. A Windmill Palm, Juniper or Arborvitae evergreen will help block unattractive views and even create more privacy. Many Tree Forms offer a unique & compelling display with color & fragrances.  Knockout Rose Trees will bring you months of colorful blooms.  The Lilac Tree Forms offer color and amazing fragrance.

Use plants to create 4 season interest.

Selecting plants for the warmer months in spring and summer is relatively easy but try to include some interest for fall & winter.  Blue Prince Holly creates unique evergreen color all year.  Other evergreens that are kept well shaped will stand out against dull winter days. Red Twigged Dogwoods & Burning Bushes create dazzling fall color & winter interest. A good planting plan can turn your patio or porch space into a natural & beatuful environment with color, fragrance, different heights and 4 season appeal.

Types of containers.

Many sizes, styles, and colors of planters are available for use on porches and patios. You can select them to match your decor preferences. Some specific varieties of planters are especially suited to use on patios. Hayneedle.comhas a comprehensive Gardening Center.  They carry a wide selection of outdoor planters.  Raised Beds are also very popular. They’re a lot easier to tend to and give you a wide array of options.  From a simple arrangement of some perennials, to flowing ivy’s or other creeping plants.  You are limited only by your imagination.

When shopping for a container, keep these 3 general guidelines in mind.

  • Make sure it is big enough for your plant(s) when they are fully grown.
  • The container should have adequate drainage.
  • Larger containers usually require less watering but the weight makes them more difficult to move
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