Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Green Flowers

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Green Flowers

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The beloved Irish holiday is upon us and what better way to celebrate than with green flowers. Get double the green and double the luck in your landscape this year. Now we can’t guarantee that your landscape will flourish (that’s up to your individual care and nature, of course!) but with the luck of the Irish on your side, who’s to say it won’t! 

Here at Nature Hills, we can proudly say that green is our specialty! We’ve taken it upon ourselves to give you five types of green flowers that will leave you tickled pink with your landscape choice.

Top 5 Green as St. Patrick’s Day Plants

#5 - American Pie® Key Lime Pie Dianthus

Growing zones 5-9 key lime pie dianthus

Spicy-scented with a pure white flower and curious lime green eye, the American Pie® Key Lime Pie Dianthus takes after its namesake in more ways than one. Highly adaptable to a variety of conditions, this member of the Carnation family is perfect for the diverse weather your area may experience in March. 

With multiple application sites to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one. Key Lime Pie Dianthus can be added to planters or throughout garden beds as edging. Trust us, you’ll want to make room for this perennial! 

#4 - First Editions® Green Hypericum

Growing zones 6-9 green hypericum

Mystical Green indeed! First Editions® Green Hypericum is a small, dense native shrub that will bring happiness into your garden with its small rays of sunshine for blooms. First Editions® Green Hypericum boasts glossy green berries that emerge in late summer and simply scream St. Patty’s Day. 

The exfoliating bark and evergreen foliage mark the intriguing winter interest of this hardy shrub. Those hard-to-mow slopes, hillsides, and wooded areas (where four-leaf clovers may hang about) are ideal locations where Green Hypericum can be planted as erosion control or to bridge the transition between your yard and a wooded edge.

#3 - Martin’s Spurge

Growing zones 6-11 martin's spurge

Have you spotted a leprechaun? No, that’s just Martin’s Spurge! With red foliage akin to a leprechaun’s scruffy beard and green foliage similar to their lengthy green coat, we could see why you may have gotten confused. Even the stems of Martin’s Spurge offer visual interest, ranging from yellow to green to red. 

Martin’s Spurge is a fascinating perennial to add to your cottage border or perennial garden to give it a modern touch. It’s optimal to grow Martin’s Spurge in an area where it will receive ample amounts of sunlight. Unlike leprechauns which are solitary creatures, Martin’s Spurge prefers to be grown in groups. 

Beware! You may attract more than just pollinators i.e. fairy friends by planting this alluring flowering variety. 

#2 - Green Jewel Coneflower

Growing zones 3-8 green jewel coneflower

No need to chase the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when you have this prized perennial planted in your garden. The Green Jewel Coneflower features a large green center cone with long-lasting lime green petals that stem out from the middle and a sturdy, leafy green stem, offering not just double but triple the green color. 

Opt for deadheading the spent flowers to encourage new growth and improve overall appearance. With its tantalizing scent and dried seed heads materializing in the winter, the Green Jewel Coneflower will draw beneficial pollinators from all over, right to your yard! 

Pro Plant Tip - About every four years, you may divide clumps when they become overcrowded and enjoy doubling plants for you or a friend! 

#1 - Invincibelle Limetta® Hydrangea

Growing zones 3-8 invincibelle limetta

She’s beauty and she’s grace; she’s the Invincibelle Limetta® Hydrangea! You can never go wrong with a hydrangea, especially one like the Invincibelle Limetta®. It has been carefully field-tested and maintains very reliable performance year after year. The Invincibelle Limetta® Hydrangea is as good of a good luck charm as a four leaf clover! 

This shrub is smaller in size but no less than wonderful in appearance. Its lime green blooms emerge in early summer and age to jade green in the fall, offering two seasons of visual interest. The Invincibelle Limetta loves its fair share of the sun. Just be sure not to plant in full shade or it will develop thin stems that won’t be able to support the large flower heads. 

Other Non-Flowering Options

Leprechaun Arborvitae - Year-round greenery, perfect size for privacy and screening around smaller properties. 

Green Magic Inkberry Holly - Small, inconspicuous flowers but grown for its beautiful glossy green foliage year round.

Ferns - Soft and fluffy green fronds that come back year after year.

Boxwoods - Grown for their beautiful small rounded evergreen foliage year-round, a classic staple in the landscape.

Kiss Me I'm Irish! green bouquet with roses

All of these options are fashionable in cut flower arrangements if you plan on giving your Irish prince or princess a lavish display of green to commemorate the holiday. By planting any one of these lush green flowering varieties, you will have a landscape looking like the Emerald Isle in no time! 

Happy Planting & Irish Blessings!

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