Keeping Your Plants Healthy, Before You Grow Together

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Protection From The Ground Up

Plant Sentry™ is a one-of-a-kind database that monitors and interprets the latest information in regulatory compliance for live plants. Their ever-vigilant eye helps hold growers accountable for following State and Federal regulations set out to help protect plants during the growing and shipping processes.

Keeping Your Garden Clean

Plant Sentry™ focuses on three main areas when protecting your plants: Invasive Plant Pests, Invasive Plant Species, and Invasive Plant Diseases. Each one of these areas of focus specifically relates to the same regulatory compliance requirements set forth by the government officials so that your plants can make it safely from our growers to your home.
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Safe For Every Environment

Unfortunately, not every plant is safe to ship from state to state within the U.S. With diverse and rich ecoregions throughout the country, some areas require more protection than others to keep their ecosystems safe. Nature Hills Nursery proudly uses the Plant Sentry™ service to continue our mission of improving all aspects of our business to exceed our customer’s expectations.
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We Care About Plants Like You Do

Keep an eye out for the Plant Sentry™ logo on! Every protected plant proudly displays the Plant Sentry™ shield to let you know we’re sending you the most compliant plants on the market!