Why Buy From Nature Hills?

Why Buy From Nature Hills?


Welcome to America’s largest online plant nursery!

For over 20 years Nature Hills has been passionate about providing high-quality plants you can count on for prices you’ll love!

About Nature Hills Nursery


Wondering how Nature Hills Nursery came to be? Easy! A pair of brothers opened up a local coniferous tree nursery back in 2001 with the hope that they’d help home gardeners and landscapers alike add trees to their landscapes.

They quickly realized that people were looking for more than just pine trees! So they packed up shop, moved online, and as they say, the rest is history!

As Nature Hills has expanded each year, we are always on the lookout for both highly sought-after classics and brand-new selections of plants!

Nature Hills Nursery’s main office is in Nebraska where the brothers started, but did you know that we ship from locations all across the country?

Why Do We Ship From Different Locations?

Many other online plant stores ship from just one location, which is also where they are grown. Imagine trying to grow southern plants and northern plants in the same location - as those other online e-commerce companies do. No wonder there is disappointment with the finished product shipped from our competition.


Nature Hills saw a need to put some of the challenges of growing these different crops of plants directly in the hands of the growers who know best how to produce them - and in the locations where these plants grow best!

These plants will do better in your landscape because they’re grown closer to where you live - instead of a plant nursery from the other side of the country! After all, not everyone can grow everything in one location under the same set of growing conditions.

Rather than having the many kinds of plants shipped across the country to one big shipping yard as the other online e-commerce nursery companies do, Nature Hills lets our professional growers who are growing, trimming, fertilizing, and watering the plant ship their product to your door!

Allowing Nature Hills to offer the widest variety of plants to the greatest area, without sacrificing our quality. This also means faster shipping too!

A Wider Selection For You!

Having multiple locations around the country to both grow and ship from allows us to offer a wider variety of plants!

As Nature Hills continues to expand, we are broadening our offering with a new series of plants, new dwarf selections, new fruit and berry selections, new re-blooming shrubs, and longer-blooming shrubs! We are always bringing on the newest perennials, newest Roses, and new tree varieties too!

In fact, Nature Hills offers over 10,000 items for your home and yard. Now that’s the makings of a great garden!


We continue to grow the plants that are both tried and true and the ones that receive the most positive feedback. Plus, our growers keep us updated on the newest plant material available so that in turn we can offer them directly to you!

We follow strict guidelines regarding quality and only work with growers who meet and exceed our standards. When we say “from the fields to your door”, we mean it … literally! This is what sets us apart from other online nurseries!

NatureHills.com is able to offer not just a wide variety of plants, but a wide assortment of plant sizes! Quality plants with mature root systems and high-end landscape quality that are sure to please!

Innovative Shipping!

Our team has also engineered the best method of boxing plants to prevent them from becoming damaged during the short time they ship to you!

The days of the old “mail order” companies shipping many very small plants in the same box (the size of a shoebox) are long gone! E-commerce purchases from Nature Hills bring a new level of quality and size to our customers who prefer shopping from the comfort of their own homes 24 hours a day.

Your plants are securely wrapped and boxed to ensure they will arrive at your doorstep safely no matter what they endure while shipping!

We also check the weather conditions daily before shipping to ensure your plant won’t be shipped through storms, intense heat that can cook your plants while en route, or dangerous cold that will cause freeze damage during transit.

Keeping Local Environments Safe With Plant Sentry™

Working with leading growers keeps us current with the nursery industry trends, but our one-of-a-kind Plant Sentry™ database prevents any plant that Nature Hills sells from being shipped into any state that has a restriction on all plants preventing the spread of insects, disease, or plants that are invasive in those restricted states.

Our full-time, on-staff compliance officer also ensures that we are on the front end of doing things right for all 48 states that we ship to. You'll know you and your community are protected from invasive plants and plants!

Nature Hills Support

We’re here to support you every step of the way! From before you order, to choosing the right plant, to helping you track your order to your door! After that Nature Hills continues to support you with unboxing your new plants, planting and care, and aftercare and maintenance!

customer support

Nature Hills has three top horticulturists on staff to assist us, and you, with plant care and selection that works in your landscape.

We are constantly tweaking our plant offerings, making sure our plant descriptions and pictures are accurate and up to date. Care and growing tips are detailed and user-friendly!

We also have an extensive #ProPlantTips for Care Garden Blog to further answer all your planting questions! Plus we have many Blogs to inspire you, create a gorgeous personalized landscape, and keep you informed!

Any time you have a question on planting, on care, or should concerns arise, Nature Hills is here to help every step of the way with knowledgeable support from our top customer service team! 

Get It All When You Buy From Nature Hills!

High-quality plants, a huge selection, and mature root systems that practically grow themselves - you are sure to love the convenience, the support, and your new landscape additions when you order from Nature Hills!

Join thousands of satisfied customers and shop with Nature Hills today and rest assured your purchase is secure, confident, and responsible!

Happy Planting!

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