1. Blueberry Bush 101 - Which Blueberry Should I Plant?

    blueberry plant close up

    Big, juicy, blue-hued, round fruits that are high in antioxidants and nutrients plus kid-friendly for picking! Blueberries are delightful finds in the wild with patches remaining a well-kept family secret! 

    With incredible ornamental offerings

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  2. Shrubs for Shade: How to Make the Most of a Shady Garden!

    shrubs in shade header

    Brighten those shady spots in the landscape with a flowering shrub or the steady verdant hue of evergreens! Large, medium, and small sizes of these woody herbaceous garden standards are available in a dizzying array of flower and leaf colors, plus a wide

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  3. Pruning a Peach Tree: When and How to Prune a Peach Tree (and Nectarine Trees too!)

    peaches in trees header

    Do you grow your own Peaches or Nectarines at home? If not you should give them a try. They are an easy and (pardon the pun) fruitful tree to grow. Peach

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  4. 5 Ways To Attract More Pollinators To Your Garden!

    butterfly on milkweed

    National Pollinator Week (June 20th-26th) is fast approaching and in our neck of the woods that is a reason to celebrate! We’re often asked how to best help the local pollinators and what can be done in gardens to attract m

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  5. Shade Trees: Using Plants to Cool Your World

    Big shade tree in back yard

    The summer sun can take its toll on you, your home's cooling costs and on your landscape! How can you fix it without moving someplace colder?

    Plant Trees!

    “A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they s

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  6. 9 Great Low-Growing Flowering Plants!

    sedum groundcover header

    Low growers, living mulch, ground cover plants! They’re the finishing touches for your garden, fill bare spots, and are in general landscaping must-haves!

    Generally staying under 2 feet tall and growing far wider, ground cover plants and low-growing p

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  7. How to Create a Children's Garden or Sensory Garden!

    children's garden header

    Get your kids outside more and instill a love of nature by creating their own spot in your landscape! Bright colors, fun smells, sound and motion, plus touchable plants are everything you need to make them a complete sensory experience!


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  8. Japanese Beetle Season Has Begun

    leaves eaten by japanese beetles header

    Japanese Beetle Season Has Begun. Do you have a problem with Japanese Beetles or are they just moving into your area recently? Maybe you don’t see the beetles, but suddenly your flowers and leaves were skeletonized overnight?

    Every June or early J

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  9. There's Just Something About a Hardy Hibiscus!

    Red Hardy Hibiscus

    Big tropical blooms and lush greenery. Hardy Hibiscus are cold-tolerant selections of the native Rose Mallow family. They are long-lasting blooms that return every year! Major draws for pollinators and even attracting hummingbirds, the blooms stand out

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  10. Peony Care After Flowering

    big pink peony close up

    Peonies are amazing herbaceous perennials! After the gorgeous insanely fragrant blooms with their divinely flouncy petals brighten your spring, the lush bushy foliage can create a strong backdrop for your garden and create low hedges all growing season!

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