1. #ProPlantTips - Arborvitae Hedge vs Fence?

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    Need some definition in your life? Privacy can range from castle walls to wispy, see-through screens. You can always go with the standard chain link fence, maybe upgrade to a white picket or expensive privacy fence and rock walls are crazy expensive and

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  2. #ProPlantTips for Care: The Importance of Winter Watering!

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    Gardening doesn't end with summer's warmth! Your landscape still needs your attention even when the temperatures drop. So while you're dreaming of spring, don't forget an important part of garden maintenance even when the temperatures drop and plants

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  3. #ProPlantTips: Arborvitaes

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    The Thuja family has long been a beloved landscaping staple when it comes to creating structures within the garden. Arborvitaes create a classic look while offering functional peace of mind through organization and presentation.

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  4. Top 5 Shrubs For Fall Color

    fall color shrubs in front of house

    Fall is one of the most awaited seasons of the year and it’s easy to tell just when it has visited your town. No, not only do the plaid jackets and porch pumpkins give it away, but so do the natural yellows, oranges, reds and browns that grace shrubs a

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  5. Classic Colors Blue & Purple Flowering Perennials

    Blog Title Over a beautiful purple flowering bush

    Blue and Purple colors are both resplendent and mysterious, with a beautiful depth of hue. Flowering perennials in these colors are very popular for so many reasons!

    Cool and calming, soothing tones, they

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  6. Top 5 Trees For Fall Color

    fall color tree in front of house

    You can feel it in the newly established crisp air and see it on porches in every neighborhood-- the fall season has arrived. From pumpkins galore aesthetically placed on steps to picking your very own apples for a homemade cider recipe, fall is full

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  7. Beautyberry Jelly - Beautiful Treat from a Beautiful Shrub!

    Beautyberry Bush Branch with overlaying title

    The Beautyberry Bush is one of the most unique and gorgeous ornamentals available in the landscape throughout a wide range of growing zones and climates! There are currently about 165 varieties of Callicarpa around the world and the American

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  8. #ProPlantTips - Creating A Formal Boxwood Hedge!

    Boxwood headge with raised formal corners

    Good fences make good neighbors! Fencing is an integral, sometimes necessary, component of a yard! There is always the standard white picket fence, or you can take things up a notch for some curb appeal that will last ages!

    While there are many

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  9. DIY Cement Stepping Stones from a Leaf!

    DIY Stepping Stones for the garden

    Preserving the beauty of the natural world and making a lasting keepsake from your own garden is easier than you think! Create magical outdoor decor that preserves nature’s beauty for years!

    You’ve probably seen them mad

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  10. Deer Resistant Plants For The South

    Deer in front yard

    If you live in the southern growing zones and are constantly struggling with nearby deer killing your freshly established plants, we have the top deer resistant plants for you to add to your landscape.

    Never have to relive the days of broken branches,

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