1. When Is The Best Time To Plant?

    #ProPlantTips When Is The Best Time To Plant?

    Here at Nature Hills, we get questions all the time wondering when the best time to plant during the year is. And the short answer is-- whenever the plant arrives on your doorstep!

    We know you want the best for your plant by setting it up for optimal plant growth when placing it in the ground at the pinpointed “absolute best time of the year to plant.” But that stress of figuring that pinpointed time out is long gone. 

    You can sit back, relax and wait for the plant to come to you. Then, you know the conditions are permitting a prime planting time. Let’s break this logic down even further!

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  2. Pre-Planned Shade Garden Recipes for Success!

    Shady garden filled with green perennials

    Do you have a patch of shade and are not sure what will survive in those tricky conditions? There are so many shade garden plant options these days, and it can be overwhelming just to know where to start!

    Not to fear! Here are some easy garden recipes for you using unique combinations of shade-loving plants that you may not have considered! Get your garden bench or hammock ready because this will become your new favorite respite from the sun and summer heat!

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  3. 5 Plants That Are Hard To Kill

    We know that not everyone is cut out for being a master gardener; even a few of us at Nature Hills struggle to keep our plants alive! We know-- how embarrassing. 

    If you’re a beginner gardener, seem to almost always forget to water your plants or simply have an uncontrollable brown thumb, you’ll want to consider adding a few of the plants listed below to your landscape. 

    Or maybe you have always assumed your yard was too shady, a tad too dry, or that the soil was a little sandy to proudly support plants well. But-- guess again. 

    Our plant picks below not only are interesting and unique, but they also can tolerate a bit of neglect and thrive in even the not-so plant friendly places! 

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  4. Juniper 101: Discover The Basics of Juniper Shrubs

    From landscape to landscape, Juniper Shrubs provide a defined structure and a fresh fragrance that few other bushes can match fully. 

    More and more, we have seen these bushes take their place in landscapes and it’s time for you to join in on the gardening fun!

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  5. Terrariums For Plants & How To Build One!

    What is a Terrarium?

    4 Types of Terrarium Plants

    5 Step Planting Guide To Assemble A Terrarium

    Where You Can Get Your Own Terrarium

    What Is a Terrarium?

    By definition, a terrarium is a sealed transparent globe or similar container in which plants are grown. They are often made of glass or plastic and wood.

    While some terrariums can house small animals, the majority of them house

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  6. Protect Trees From Deer Damage

    For most newly planted trees, deer are their biggest nightmares. From layers of torn tree bark to several broken branches, deer damage is a common end to smaller trees that have yet to be established. 

    Not to mention, deer can negatively affect the visual appearance of a perfectly planted landscape too. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing bark that has been peeled away from your newly planted trees. 

    However, Nature Hills understands that some gardeners enjoy watching natural wildlife, such as deer, go about a peaceful day in their back or front yard. Which is exactly why this blog will cover how to protect your new trees, while still being able to host a group of deer here and

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  7. Sedum: Your Yard’s Greatest Companion

    Angelina Sedum Groundcover Going Down Stairs

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  8. Top Picks - Delightfully Fragrant Rose Varieties!

    Rose image Top 5 Most Fragrant Roses

    "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." - William Shakespeare

    Rose lovers the world over know that Roses are far more than just beautiful flowers. The scent of roses can transform a drab day into an exceptional one. Soothing the mind and nerves while enlivening the senses! 

    Available in several forms: shrub, small trees, climbing, Grandiflora, Floribunda, groundcover, Rugosas and Hybrid Teas. If it's fragrance you want, then you're sure to find one that fits your garden and your personal style too!

    Today we’ll look closer at these perfumed beauties:

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  9. #ProPlantTips Japanese Maples: Care & Options

    Dating back to the 7th century, Japanese Maples (Acer palmatum) have been a staple to outdoor interests. From their showy winter bark to their firework colored leaves, these trees will leave a lasting impression. 

    There are many different species and hundreds of cultivars that are seen in gardens across the globe today. Each one displaying its own unique personality. We are sure a maple will speak to you, but if not check out the following famous varieties!

    Varieties To Consider:

    • Bloodgood
    • Crimson
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  10. Floral Designing for Containers & Arrangements With Style!

    Floral Arrangements #ProPlantTips

    It’s not just bouquets anymore! Basic floral design elements extend themselves into container plant design and landscaping as well! Whether you’re designing a window box, a pretty arrangement for your dining table, or a porch planter, all use the same techniques to have your end result looking stylish!

    The elements of design are the style, thrillers and/or focal points, spillers, fillers, proportion, colors, textures and feel, each have their own place in everything. 

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