1. #ProPlantTips for Care - A Pruning Guide for the Year!

    Pruning Header

    Pruning is a vital part of caring for your landscape plants. But when do you prune … everything? 

    Certain plants need certain types of pruning at specific times of the year in order to grow, bloom, fruit and look their very best. Determining w

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  2. Anchoring Your True Dwarf Apple Trees

    Anchoring Your True Dwarf Apple Trees Blog Header

    Protect Your Crop From Damaging High Winds With These Simple Tips

    Growing fruit trees at home has never been more popular! People are loving the idea of having an abundance of super-fresh, homegrown fruit…even in small space gardens.

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  3. Let’s Talk About Bird Feeding (And Why it Matters!)

    Lets Talk About Bird Feeding Large Header

    Whether you have no bird feeders or 20+ around your property, it is always exciting when you buy a new one. There are so many different kinds, shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from! How can you only have one?

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  4. Top 3 Garden Trends to Know for 2022

    The new year is here and you must be so excited for everything that 2022 holds! Before you know it, spring will be in full swing and you’ll be enjoying the prime gardening season. 

    While you’re reflecting on

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  5. Can You Grow Citrus in Cold Regions?

    Lemon tree indoors in a pot near a window

    Those of us who live in a colder climate often find ourselves viewing plants that are just far off dreams. We’re like the kid in the candy store who sits staring at a chocolate bar until the mom caves and says you can have it.

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  6. Snow: Natural Insulation, and its Free

    Snow on plants in the garden

    It’s only natural for us plant nerds to try growing things that may or may not be perfectly hardy for our climates. Or, maybe it’s a prized perennial or specimen, a favorite Rose, or other plants that would benefit from some additional winter protection?

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  7. Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights Keep Indoor Plants Healthy

    LED Grow Light on Plants

    Light-emitting diode (LED) lights are a huge boon for both ambient room lights and for growing plants indoors. LED light fixtures are extremely efficient and wind up saving you some serious money over their lifetime.

    Baby your indoor plants with

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  8. 9 Great Plants for Feeding Wildlife in the Winter

    Bird eating fruit in tree during winter

    In the dead of winter, when the landscapes are barren, it can be difficult for wildlife to find food to survive, especially in urban areas. Instead of having critters getting into your trash can looking for a meal, why not consider providing them a buffet

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  9. How to Make Winter Decor With What's Available

    Indoor holiday decor

    It’s that most wonderful time of the year where holiday decorations are in full swing! Truly, it’s not well executed Christmas home decor without vases full of frosted pine cones, styrofoam cranberries and plastic evergreen needles. 

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  10. #ProPlantTips for Care - Getting Roses Ready for Winter

    Rose Blog Header

    Getting your Roses ready for the long cold winter may seem as daunting as getting a fussy toddler ready for bed to a Rose gardener! Don’t fret, because today’s modern Roses are much easier to care for and with just a bit of planning, your Roses will slu

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