1. Pre-Planned Sun Garden Recipes for Chilly Growing Zones

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    A full sun garden gives Northern gardeners massive potential and helps extend your growing season just a bit longer than shade. It can also have its challenges for both gardeners and plants alike because of what comes with it - dry conditions, heat and

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  2. #ProPlantTips: How to Grow & Train Clematis

    clematis close up purple

    Gorgeous, unearthly blooms, Clematis are vining flowering perennials that become smothered in colorful unusual blossoms and are reliable vertical ornamentals!

    So easy to grow, so beautiful, and so very useful in the landscape. Both deciduous and

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  3. Top 5 Rhododendron Varieties Plus Pruning and Care Info

    Rhododendron flowers close up header

    Dedicating room in your landscape to include Azaleas and Rhododendron shrubs is not a challenge - rather it is a must! Enjoy fabulous trusses of incredible flowers that are held from top to bottom of these robust, spring-flowering

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  4. Bareroot Plants…. What to Expect When You are Expecting Delivery

    bareroot delivery

    We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, bareroot plants rock! We could rave about them all day and if you want to learn a little bit more about all the reasons you should buy bareroot, check out

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  5. A Unique Way to Use Strawberry Plants In the Landscape

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    Big fat juicy fruit, cheerful blooms and self-multiplying, Strawberry (Fragaria) plants are fantastic garden additions and seem to grow in any sunny location! 

    But, maybe you don't have a vegetable garden at your home, and maybe you don't

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  6. How to Pick the Right Sedum for Your Garden!

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    With upwards of 500 different Sedum varieties, this Crassilaceae family member, also commonly known as Stonecrops, are now offered in so many colors, growing zones, and sizes for the home gardener and commercial landscaper to choose from!


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  7. Choosing the Right Japanese Maple Varieties

    inaba shidare japanese maple close up

    A #ProPlantTips Tree Selection Guide

    The unparalleled good looks of Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum) trees are truly exquisite. Each variety has their own unique charm!

    This short list is by no means complete! We

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  8. Flowering Shrubs to Punch Up Your Landscape

    Flowering bushes in a yard

    Maybe it has been a while since you went shopping for some new flowering shrubs. Maybe the last time you looked for any new flowering shrubs was at one of the big box stores that seem to roll out the same old plants from the same old

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  9. How to Protect Gardens From Heat Stress

    Garden in the summer heat

    Summer heat is on the way! Is your garden up to the challenge? 

    Sure you’ve planted the right plants for your growing zone, you’ve chosen plants that work in full sun and maybe even use irrigation to help maintain plants through the summer hea

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  10. April is National Safe Digging Month!

    Digging header

    Whether you are adding a new tree, a perennial or maybe a new fence, before you put that shovel in the ground - have all of those underground utilities marked by adding a single easy phone call to the process.

    Who do I Call Before I Dig Around

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