1. Must Haves for a Cutting Garden

    Bouquet of Flowers from a Cut Garden

    As a gardener, you often plan your landscape in a very particular way. There must be distinguishable rows full of plants that complement each other from color to bloom season. However, a cutting garden requires an entirely different mindset. 

    Instead of planting what blooms best together at any given point in the season, you’re on the hunt for flowers known for their sheer production capacity. The idea is to grow enough to create mesmerizing bouquets and A LOT of them!

    When picking the perfect cut flower varieties, it’s important to keep in mind the size of the space you’re working with and how you can maximize flower power with

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  2. Top 5 Shrubs for a Windbreak

    5 of the Best Windbreak Shrubs for Your Landscape

    You’re at a friend’s house, lounging on the back patio enjoying the sunny spring day when a gust of wind hits you right in the face. You look around but it seems like they’ve got themselves a line of windbreak trees, so what’s happening?

    They might be running into this snafu because the leaves of their deciduous trees are high enough off the ground to allow the occasional breeze by. This can offer a cool reprieve in the summer months but if you’re looking for a foolproof windbreak, consider shrubs!

    Along with planting evergreens and deciduous trees, shrubs are an essential part of windbreak design. Because they provide another layer of protection from the harsh winter winds, consider using these shrubs in your windbreak to maximize the protection available to you in every season.

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  3. Get 365 Gorgeous Days With Hardy Container Gardens

    Hardy Container Gardens for All Seasons

    Showcase your style with these easy tips for a dynamic outdoor container garden display that looks amazing throughout the year. It's actually a lot like buying a new couch!

    Here's how to create a stylish setting in winter, spring, summer and fall! Plant your garden containers with perennials and'll have a focal point that performs for you year after year. 

    Go for easy-breezy romantic pink flowers like Hydrangeas and Roses massed on your front porch. Or, enjoy the bright-colored foliage of Japanese Maples trees in large pots near a seating area in part shade.

    Long-lasting hardy perennial

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  4. Windbreak Trees to Plant in Your Landscape

    Windbreak Trees to Plant in Your Landscape

    We’ve all been somewhere that clearly doesn’t have a windbreak, standing around taking the full brunt of whatever the weather has decided to do on any given day. Sometimes that’s a light spring breeze, and other times you’re getting walloped in the face by a full-on windstorm.

    This is why many people will plant rows of trees around the edges of their property. It’ll provide a bit of privacy and it’ll reduce wind and other elements.

    There are a couple of different routes you can take when it comes to planning your perfect windbreak rows. The most obvious choice is to fill your border with conifer trees and evergreen trees. Since they won’t lose their foliage in the winter, they make a great reprieve from cold winter winds.

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  5. Create A Destination Spot In Your Landscape

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  6. Our Favorite Front and Back Yard Trees

    Favorite Front and Back Yard Trees Header

    Best of the Best Front Yard Trees

    Your front yard is the place where your guests and neighbors make their first impression about your house, so having a tree in the front yard that makes a statement is essential.

    Having a tree with large leaves and little to no fruit or seeds dropping makes yard clean-ups much easier, but there's no need to sacrifice the beauty of trees for something utilitarian. Consider some of these trees for that perfect front-yard pop that is sure to make a statement all year round.

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  7. Our Spring Blooming Favorites!

    Spring Blooming Dianthus Header Image

    Goodbye winter, so long cold and snow, it's finally time to watch our favorite flowers grow!

    The chirping birds, fresh air, and gorgeous blooming flowers are finally here. And we can’t wait another second to tell you all about our favorite spring blooming plants!

    I’m not sure if it’s just me, but when I go shopping, I always ask the employees for advice of what product is their favorite. If you’re anything like me, your plant experts are here to fill you in on all the deats!

    There are so many to pick from, but no matter the color, size, and zone, we will give you options to pick from. Prepare yourself because you’ll fall in love with every single one, just as I did!

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  8. Plan Your Garden By Planting In Threes

    Planting in Threes

    If you’re anything like me, you all but drool at the spectacular gardens put together by those who have been cultivating their craft for many years. How do they do it?

    More specifically, how can someone throw together seemingly random genus, species, and cultivars in a way that looks both planned and completely natural. My untrained eyes look at an empty garden bed and simply don’t know where to start. 

    As someone who is still learning, I tend to fall back on the basics fairly often and one of my favorites is the planting rule of three. 

    I grew up in a house that had, what I can only describe as, an absolutely gigantic garden. It

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  9. Well-Drained Soil: What Does It Mean?

    Picture this, it’s a slightly warm day with a cool breeze that runs through the air making you ache for springtime to come rolling in and save the day. The newly fresh air gathered from a brisk walk has prompted you to set out for new plants come spring. 

    Your bookmarked browser to Nature Hills has all the plant goods you have been eyeing over winter, each added to a full shopping cart ready to be shipped directly from nursery to you. How lovely, let’s do it! 

    But wait, you catch the bolded words within each plant description..”It really prefers moist, well-drained soil” 

    It’s almost as if eve

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  10. Less Room, More Plants With Small Space Gardening

    In today’s urban yards and postage stamp lots, it can be difficult to have the garden and landscaping you desire! You won’t even need a patch of earth to plant in with today’s downsized options! 

    A porch, patio or even a balcony can become a slice of paradise with some of the newer varieties available to gardeners these days! Even if it is just a staircase you let vines wind up the railing or line with potted plants, there are so many pint-sized alternatives of larger counterparts. 

    Going smaller, or using plants that are dual-purpose, or trees that grow straight up instead of out. There are plants that conform to your needs instead of the other way around, and are readily available to ev

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