1. Get To Know Audubon® Native Bird-Friendly Plants


    Introducing the Bird-friendly line of Audubon® Native Plants, Trees, and Shrubs! It’s easy to provide food and shelter for local and migrating birds, and other wildlife, wh

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  2. Top 5 Winter Interest Shrubs


    Winter is the ever-returning friend and foe of gardeners. You may rue the arrival of Jack Frost every year, driving you inside and sapping all the color from your garden. But did you know that there are many plants that keep your garden looking beautiful

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  3. Bareroot Plants…. What to Expect When You are Expecting Delivery

    bareroot delivery

    We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, bareroot plants rock! We could rave about them all day and if you want to learn a little bit more about all the reasons you should buy bareroot, check out

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  4. Love Letters To Our Most Beloved Plants

    love letter to plants

    It’s true, nature is a hopeless romantic at heart. 

    From heart-shaped petals to classic roses, the timeless beauty of nature has long left us captivated by cupid’s favorite color pal

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  5. Reliable Nut Trees to Plant This Year!

    walnut tree

    Starting a Nut Tree grove or wanting to beef up your backyard food access and support seasonal fresh food variability? Check out these fantastic edible Nut

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  6. 5 Plants With Silver Leaves

    silver leavesSometimes, you just need something different in your yard! Something not just green!

    Many of your plants may have colorful flowers, but before and after those blooms, you need something showy that is sure to stand out for the rest of the growing

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  7. #ProPlantTips: How to Grow the Best Begonias!


    Flouncy and colorful, the beautiful Begonia is a shade gardener's favorite flowering plant! Collectors can be highly protective of their plant collections and eagerly seek out new hybrids and cultivars that are always arriving on the market thanks to

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  8. How to Grow an Apple Tree



    Growing apple trees can be a fun and rewarding experience for the home gardener. Growing apple trees is a relatively easy process, and yields delicious fruit that can be enjoyed by everybody. There are, however, many factors to consider before attempting

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  9. Russian Sage, Salvia, Lavender & Veronica: How to Tell Them Apart

    russian sage, salvia, lavendar and veronica

    Pretty spires of upright clusters of florets, the scented deep blooms of these lovely plants are not only long-lasting pollinator-friendly blossoms but have a world of their own perks that set them apart from each other!

    With the exception of

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  10. Planting and Taking Care of Dahlias!


    No flower will give a gardener a more spectacular reward than the Dahlia!

    This flower and all of its many varied forms, is an absolutely show-stopping variety that brings a stunning rainbow of color to any garden! 

    Learn more about

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