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Perennials is a term that describes what many gardeners and homeowners strive for, which is a plant that comes back every spring. There are perennial plants that can meet just about every need a landscape has. Perennials range from low growing plants to tall growing plants, from those that produce colorful flowers to those that provide visual pleasure with glowing seed heads, such as those exhibited by some ornamental grasses. Perennial gardens need to be planted only once. The perennial garden can contain plants that flower, plants with colorful leaves and foliage, and low growing ground covers for that especially shady spot.

Perennials tend to die back to the ground each winter. Perennial plants generally have fewer major problems than annuals and are sustainable with lower care and maintenance needs. Blooming perennials tend to average about 3 weeks of bloom time so choosing plants with attractive structure and foliage and flowers will enhance your landscape for years to come. We offer an extensive list of perennials for various needs below. 


sample bare root perennials   Beware of Bare Root, Bulbs and Tiny Liners!

Tiny size bareroot perennials are easily damaged, need to be protected more from over & under watering and take a lot longer to bring you beautiful results. The shocking truth is that you are likely to get a plastic bag with a few roots & peat moss.

For best results, you should choose perennials in larger containers. Our 4.5 or 5.5 inch pot as well as 1 & 2 gallon container size perennials have larger root systems.

Nature Hills offers hundreds of large size perennials, meeting just about every need a landscape has. Stop waiting seasons to enjoy beautiful results. Buy larger size perennials online from Nature Hills Nursery & you simply plant it and enjoy it.

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