7 Popular Ornamental Grass Types!

7 Popular Ornamental Grass Types!

Fountain Grass Landscape

Graceful flowing and cascading perennials, Ornamental Grasses are must-haves for the garden and there’s a Grass for any sized garden and any soil type! They add sound and motion, creating white noise that helps block unwanted sound while screening off undesirable sights and prying eyes!

Drought and deer-resistant, heat and chill-tolerant, hard-to-kill Grasses are incredibly adaptable and versatile backbones of the landscape!

  • Top 7 Most Popular Grass Types
    • So Many Grasses To Choose From!

Top 7 Most Popular Grass Types

Purple Fountain Grass

Fountain Grass (Pennisetum)

Graceful fountains of fine-textured grassy blades, aptly named Fountain Grasses are colorful grasses that offer beautiful form and motion as they wave in the slightest breeze! These warm season Grasses can handle the heat. Some great examples include:

Maiden Grass

Maiden Grass

Miscanthus Grass is another arching, graceful, and finely-textured grass with many size options available. The fluffy tasseled plumes in the late summer and fall add interest and these warm-season grass is cold-resistant and heat-tolerant. These Perennial Grass often have incredible fall color, in fact. It’s so gorgeous it’s earned the name Flame Grass because of the flame red color in fall.

Switch Grass

Heavy Metal Switch Grass

Also called Switchgrass, Panicum Grasses are elegant more upright Perennial grasses that handle snow load and coastal gardens, Switchgrasses handle some drought, but also are fantastic in occasional wet soils and work great in Rain Gardens and along stream banks. These warm-season fast-growing Grasses have it all!

Feather Reed

Karl Foerster Feather Reed

Vertical fine-textured and summer blooms, cold-hardy Calamagrostis have a wide variety of sizes and color options for you! As adaptable in clay, wet conditions, and drought, Feather Reed Grasses can also handle snow.


The Blues Little Bluestem Grass

Both Little and Big Bluestems are gorgeous varieties of the native Prairie Grasses, well-known for their tolerance, endurance, adaptability, and versatility! Colorful spring and summer foliage, Andropogon are vertical fountain textured grasses that are incredibly cold-hardy! Showing off the family blueish to purple fall color.


palm sedge

Moisture-loving Sedges are not true Grasses but warm-season Carex have arching graceful blades of foliage that are vividly colored! These smaller-sized grasses even handle more shade than other grassy perennials! Great for erosion and en masse plantings, plus are fantastic for wildlife and birds!


soft rush grass

Similar to Sedges, Rushes are also moisture-loving perennial grasses. However, Juncus have unique round leaves instead of flat. Featuring spikey and upright growth, these water garden plants are highly tolerant of heat and chill and have space-saving showy options. Best in hot climates, but also work great as annual accents.

So Many Grasses To Choose From!

With versatility and diversity, the gorgeous forms and functions of perennial Ornamental Grasses will lend a flowing, magical effect to the garden!

So incredibly easy to grow and very low-maintenance, check out all the information on Ornamental grasses in our #ProPlantTips for care! Learn all you need about Grass maintenance, and Planting techniques so you can enjoy these gorgeous foliage plants their entire long life!

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