Planting Ornamental Grasses

Planting Ornamental Grasses

The narrow purplish brown inflorescences contrast well against the green foliage during mid to sometimes late summer

Planting ornamental grasses successfully begins with soil preparation on a site that has good drainage. Ideally, the soil should be prepared in the fall. Begin by deep tilling the soil. The fall tillage improves the soil till workability. Spring tillage for planting ornamental grasses is also satisfactory. Ornamental grasses do not require large amounts of fertilizer. Soil that is high in organic matter is preferred. Amend the soil, if needed, with ample organic matter, while tilling the soil. Small amounts of a general-purpose fertilizer can also be added while tilling.

Planting ornamental grasses can be accomplished in the spring or the fall. Spring planted ornamental grasses have the advantage of a full summer of root development to ward off damage from freezing ground temperatures. Fall planting of ornamental grasses should be done during August and September to enable some root development before frost. Fall planting of ornamental grasses may require a light cover of straw or hay during the first winter to protect the tender roots.

Ornamental grasses should be planted at the same depths as the pot or container they were growing. Planting ornamental grasses too deep tend to develop roots that will rot in the ground. Keep uniform soil moisture around the grass for optimum development.

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