Deer Resistant Roses

Deer Resistant Roses

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  1. Blanc Double de Coubert Rose Zones: 3-7
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  2. Pink Rugosa Rose Zones: 3-9
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  3. White Rugosa Rose Zones: 2-7
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  4. Lemon Drift® Rose Zones: 4-11
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  5. Oso Easy® Hot Paprika® Rose Zones: 3-9
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  6. Hansa Hybrid Rugosa Rose Zones: 3-7
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  7. Champlain Shrub Rose Zones: 3-7
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Roses are a joy in any garden. To keep deer away from your beautiful Roses, you need to make smart plant selections.

Early spring is when Roses are most vulnerable. Spray deer repellent early in the season, so that they don't graze on new growth with tender thorns and new rosebuds.

Wide Variety of Deer-Resistant Roses

rugosa rose

Deer-resistant Rugosa Rose flowers have a strong, clove-like scent. You'll love the way it perfumes your garden, but deer won't find it appetizing.

Browse our inventory for an array of Rugosa varieties that yield copious pink, white or velvety red blooms.

Rugosa roses are built with some extra deer protections, too, such as thorny and bristly canes and rough, leathery leaves. Rugosa roses just aren't worth it to Bambi, but you'll love and appreciate their beauty and fragrance.

Oso Easy® Hot Paprika®: A Beautifully Spicy Deer-Resistant Rose

white rugosa rose

These brightly colored Roses bloom for months on end in lavish displays of cupped, rounded flowers surrounded by lush, dark green foliage. Like Rugosa Roses, these beauties smell great to humans — and attract lots of butterflies with their easy-access nectar — but are unappetizing to deer. These cold-hardy and drought-tolerant Roses require no pruning or dead-heading and look impossibly pretty through the first frost with almost no effort.

Other deer-resistant Roses include the charming Lemon Drift® and impressive Blanc Double de Coubert.

Peace of Mind from Nature Hills

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