Protecting You, Your Plants, Your House and The World

Protecting You, Your Plants, Your House and The World


At Nature Hills, we offer huge numbers of amazing plant material options. Every plant is best suited to a specific growing condition.

Please be careful to select plants that are hardy for your immediate area.  Just enter your zip code in the box on our website which will give you the proper hardiness zone. Read the Plant Facts to make sure the plant will grow well in your unique site.

Eliminating the Sale of Invasive or Diseased Plants Across Restricted Areas

One of our biggest jobs is to manage around government plant restrictions at the state and local level. Unfortunately, plants can behave in a highly invasive way in certain climates. Plants in some areas may have been exposed to insects, viruses, or diseases.

We have to protect the property owner against infestation.  It’s not worth the environmental and property risk to transmit plants with virus or disease or move known pests into an area that does not have the problem.

Russian Olive Alternative

Sometimes a plant like Russian Olive becomes susceptible to a fungus that makes the plants look terrible. They can also be very weedy and have been listed as invasive in many different areas. 

For that reason, Nature Hills has stopped growing Russian Olive, but we do have a plant option with the same type of soil, hardiness, and climate requirements. Silver Buffaloberry has the same look but isn’t invasive. It also gives you the wonderful bonus of superfruit! 

Silver Buffaloberry

Plant Highlights:
  • USDA Zone 2-6
  • Widely Adaptable Soil Conditions
  • Full Sun
Notable characteristics:
  • Decorative silver foliage year round
  • Fall/winter Interest
  • Cold and Wind Tolerant

Staying Compliant with State and Local Restrictions on Plant Material

Nature Hills sells plants all across the country, which has its challenges.  We work with every state department of agriculture to ensure that we are completely up to date with all restrictions as each state changes and updates their compliance.

Nature Hills hired a full time compliance officer. We have also signed up with advanced software called Plant Sentry™ to keep tabs on each of the state’s restrictions. We can quickly update all state and federal restrictions on plant movement, and flag potential purchases into restricted areas.

As the states modify and update their lists of prohibited or restricted plants, we immediately update these changes. Plant Sentry™ ensures that we only ship plant materials to your home that are clean, vibrant, and disease free, and are not invasive in your area. 

Plant Sentry™ prevents anyone from ordering and receiving plants that are in violation of each state’s compliance rules.  Whew!

New Non-Invasive Plants Are A Big Trend

Nature Hills is working with breeders to bring plants to market that do not produce any seed, or seed that is not viable. The reason for developing sterile plants or plants that produce little viable seed, so these plants will not become invasive no matter where they are grown. You will notice a trend for many new introductions that are not invasive. We introduced PowderPuff Spirea – a cute, sterile selection - in 2018.

PowderPuff Spirea™

Plant Highlights:
  • USDA Zone 4-8
  • Orange, Red Fall Color
  • Pink, Rasberry Flower Color
Notable characteristics:
  • Seedless
  • Easy to grow
  • Summer blooms

Gain Peace of Mind When You Choose Plants from Nature Hills

Protected by Plant Sentry™ Sticker

Property damage from infested or diseased plants is very costly. The time and physical labor it takes to dig out invasive plants is staggering. It’s simply not worth the risk.

We are aware that other online companies are sending shipments of plants that are not compliant. They may not even know restrictions exist, and plants that do not have the proper certification or inspections are still being sent out. Nature Hills has taken the initiative to step out in front of this problem.

We prevent virus and disease from being spread into areas where they are not yet known to occur. We do not allow the shipment of harmful insects or plants that are invasive in your area.

Because we're protected with Plant Sentry™, we are able to concentrate our energy on our production areas. We grow super quality plants and ship them in boxes that are engineered to ensure that your plants arrive in excellent condition. 

We take pride in knowing that we are doing our best to guarantee the plants we ship are compliant with your state. And since Plant Sentry™ adapts to a constantly changing regulatory environment, we will always be compliant. Happy gardening!

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