Find Your Local Agriculture Extension Office

Find Your Local Agriculture Extension Office

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Nature Hills Horticultural Staff is always happy to assist you with your gardening questions and challenges. But sometimes, customers pose location-specific questions to us that we are unable to answer. We don't always have knowledge of the regional climate and soil conditions. We do not want to pass on incorrect information to you. In situations such as these, we always recommend the customer contact their local cooperative extension office.


The cooperative extension offices are a nationwide, non-credit educational network that staffs experts who can be valuable resources to local gardeners. Your county extension offices can answer questions related to various trees and plants and other gardening issues at no cost to you. Your local cooperative extension office may also offer growing and maintenance guides and can help diagnose insect infestation and suggest remedies free of charge. Other services may include soil testing and pH so you can see what your soil is lacking and tackle your unique situation.

Each office is staffed with helpful experts that are ready and willing to assist you. 

Perhaps you live in an area that has a tough climate - because of elevation or unusual microclimate that may affect what grows well for you. In your case, the general USDA Plant Hardiness Growing Zones map may not reveal the challenges for your particular area. Use your Extension Office to tap into excellent information that can save you lots of time, frustration, and money from having the benefit of research and history of the area available to you for free

The beauty of contacting your local Extension Office is they will be able to share with you all pertinent information for plants in YOUR local area. They know which species or cultivars work best in the immediate area.

Your local office will have experience dealing with disease and insect problems that may have plagued the area in the past or have new data on problems that are new to an area. You'll get feedback not only from master gardeners and growers or homeowners, but also University knowledge and research that is pertinent for your local area.

It’s so easy to obtain pertinent information regarding plant identification and/or information on diseases or insects that can affect the health of your garden by contacting your local Cooperative Extension Office (aka County Extension Office).

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the nationwide network of County Cooperative Extension offices. Just click on your state to find your local office.

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