Lungwort for Your Shade Garden

Lungwort for Your Shade Garden

Strange name, incredible plant. 

Lungwort is a cool plant that emerges early in spring and immediately sends up fuzzy leaves and flower stalks follow soon thereafter.  Flowers are born on short stems just above the foliage with fine textured flowers that are typically blue and or pink in color and last for about a month.

When the flowers are done, the entire plant begins to transform itself from a small flowering plant into a bold and beautiful foliage plant.  New leaves begin to emerge that are larger and more robust. 

It is always a great idea to remove the old flower stems right down to the ground and allow the incredible foliage that take over to really punch up your shade garden.

Early spring, and long-lasting pink and blue flowers give way to a drought tolerant and eye-catching foliage plant great mixed with ferns and Hosta plants. 

A much cleaner look after the old flower stems are removed and you allow the foliage to shine!

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