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Sometimes, you just don't know what to plant in your yard. There's so many options, and you just don't know where to start! For a good perennial bed, you need seasonal interest, height differences, and textural changes. Sounds overwhelming, right?
Not to fear, here's an easy garden recipe for you using unique combinations of perennials you may not have considered. This pre-planned garden is best planted in part to full shade, and is ready to dazzle all year. You will have best results with this combination of plants if you are in zones 4 through 8.

Sweet WoodruffSweet Woodruff - Galium odoratum 'Sweet Woodruff'
Only reaching 6-12 inches tall, sweet woodruff makes the perfect groundcover for this planting. Green foliage doesn't detract from any other plants, and instead provides an ideal foundation for any plants. Sweet woodruff spreads quickly, so don't be afraid to pull it up when it gets into an area you don't want it to grow. In the late spring, small sprigs of white flowers appear and bring a mildly sweet fragrance with them.

Ghost LamiumGhost Lamium - Lamium maculatum 'Ghost'
This plant is an incredible groundcover plant that reaches a little higher than sweet woodruff. Reaching no higher than 12 inches, Ghost lamium provides you with a pop of purple against pale foliage in the spring. Spreading up to 24 inches when fully mature, Ghost lamium will cover the ground at a moderate pace, while still providing a great foundation for the rest of the plants. You'll also be pleased with the hardiness of this groundcover, as it will thrive in almost any given environment.

Cevennensis LungwortCevennensis Lungwort - Pulmonaria longifolia 'Cevennensis'
Don't be put off by the name of this plant; Cevennensis lungwort is a beautiful addition to this planting. It's long and narrow leaves have white polka-dots on them, adding a bit of playful whimsy to this garden. In the spring, Cevennensis lungwort blooms with beautiful dark purple flowers. Reaching a maximum height of 2 feet tall, and spreading slowly to approximately 3 feet wide, Cevennensis lungwort adds some interesting foliage and flowers into the mix in this garden recipe.

Sum and Substance HostaSum and Substance Hosta - Hosta 'Sum and Substance'
With it's large golden green leaves, Sum and Substance hosta provides a lovely backdrop to other plants planted in front of it. Come summer, enjoy tall spikes of purple flowers, to carry the purple and green theme through the season. Reaching up to 3 feet tall and spreading to over 5 feet wide, adding this plant to your garden adds an impressive summer show.

Henrys Garnet Virginia SweetspireHenry’s Garnet Virginia Sweetspire - Itea virginica 'Henry's Garnet'
To finish this planting, we include Henry's Garnet Virginia sweetspire. This plant reaches 5 feet tall at maturity, allowing you to enjoy the appearance of the shrub without interference from other plants. Blooming with fragrant white flowers in the summer, this shrub truly shines in the fall. When all your other plants are finished with their displays, Henry's Garnet Virginia sweetspire turns bright red that pops against the rest of the foliage. As a low-maintenance shrub, this is the perfect backdrop to the other plants included in this planting.

While it may seem that there are so many plants to choose from for your landscape, having a simple recipe card to build from certainly helps. Each of these plants will thrive in the shade, making it perfect for that spot in your landscape where you haven't been able to get anything else to grow.