5 Plants With Silver Leaves

5 Plants With Silver Leaves

silver leavesSometimes, you just need something different in your yard! Something not just green!

Many of your plants may have colorful flowers, but before and after those blooms, you need something showy that is sure to stand out for the rest of the growing season!

Introducing plants with silver foliage!

Sometimes, you need something that adds a subtle yet high-impact color to your garden! That extra bit of sparkle and glitz! Especially in shadier areas where conditions can get dark with only green plants. Enter silver foliage plants!

In addition to our previous list where we included Silver Edge Lavender, Ghost Ferns, Silver Mound Artemisia, Silver Anniversary Abelia, and Raspberry Splash Lungwort, here are five more plants that will add that bit of bling to the green of your garden with their silvery foliage!

1. Silver Buffaloberry Bushes

The Silver Buffaloberry Bush (Shepherdia argentea) is one of those garden enigmas that offers everything a garden wants but with a twist! The Buffaloberry's tart fruit is considered one of the most beneficial superfoods you can find.

Silver Buffaloberry Bushes

The pretty red berries pop against the silvery hairs of the leaves, and the unusual silver bark! What else makes this rarely offered shrub a garden winner? Buffaloberry is extremely drought-tolerant and spreads wide without getting too tall! The Silver Buffaloberry makes a great choice for poor soils and anywhere you want to restore native beauty. This shrub creates an impassable thorny thicket, so it can be utilized as a screen, windbreak, or erosion control while shining and glinting in the sun!

2. Silver Heart Brunnera

Brighten the low ground with the huge leaves of Silver Heart Brunnera (Brunnera macrophylla 'Silver Heart'). This perennial’s charm adds silvery and deep-green-hued color to your partially-shaded or fully-shaded landscape! You won't believe the visual impact of the showy green veins. The look is only accentuated by an effective, interveinal silvery-white overlay.

silver heart

Each of Brunnera's heart-shaped leaves are further polished with a band of green at the margin. But with beloved Brunnera, it's not just about the beautiful rosette of silvery leaves. Each spring, you'll also enjoy fine-textured blue Forget-Me-Not flowers held high for easy viewing! They'll softly spread wide to ornament otherwise bare ground under trees and shrubs. Relax and let the cares of the world fall away as you tour your woodlands and shady glens as the silver sheen shines despite heat and humidity. Boost your mature trees and tall shrubs with the good looks of Silver Heart Brunnera!

3. Liriope Silver Dragon

silver dragon

An attractive evergreen perennial with long arching, slender grass-like leaves, Silver Dragon Liriope has a silvery stripe down the length of each! The blades glint and shine as they shimmer in the breeze, accented by their lilac-colored blooms, these smaller plants give way to greenish berries in the autumn!

These are amazing groundcovers by way of spreading underground rhizomes, Silver Dragon is gorgeous erosion control and edging. The bright variegated leaves make a super edging plant that highlights partially shaded beds, Silver Dragon brings a sense of light into darker plantings or woodland gardens too!

4. Moonglow Juniper

Straight as a silver arrow, the Moonglow Juniper (Juniperus scopulorum 'Moonglow'

moonglow juniper

 provides incredible color and upright form, plus superb texture for your landscaping needs! The fine-textured branches of this Juniper have scale-like, overlapping leaves that range from silver-blue to silver-green year-round! The feathery appearance and deceivingly soft, Moonglow adds a cooling, soothing hue to your landscape!

Further accented by silver-blue berries, these evergreens are an amazing sculptural element for the garden! With dense, compact branching habit and upwards-pointing branching, Moonglow Juniper trees are attractive landscape accents! Salt and urban condition tolerant, these are very easy-to-grow shimmering garden accents!

For structural and architectural garden presence, Moonglow is a radiant backbone for your garden beds and borders. Moonglow is conducive to pruning so these dramatically colored plants can be used for topiary.


5. Lamb’s Ears

The ultimate in silver foliage and touchably soft leaves, Helen Von Stein Lamb's Ear and the common Lambs Ears perennials have luxuriously silver fuzz that covers each leaf and stem in velvety beauty! Helen von Stein is a little larger than your average Lambs Ear, in both leaf size and shape. Reaching a height of 10 inches and a spread of 18-24 inches, but both varieties add so much texture to any spot in the garden regardless of the size of your space!

Loving sun and shade, these lower-growing, spreading perennials are apt at colonizing an area, in mass plantings, throughout Sensory and Children’s Gardens, and in long rows to define and soften the edges of the garden bed, border, and walkway. Imagine a fuzzy groundcover of cooling silver-green, creeping and winding throughout your perennial gardens and mixed-shrub borders! With formal color and country garden texture, Lambs Ears fits into any style!

Bring On The Bling

Superb sterling silver leaves, these gorgeous plants will light up the landscape with their beauty! Melding with every color flower and other foliage colors, silver foliage ties entire landscapes together wonderfully!

Include this unique accent color and you’ll quickly see how it has main character energy in the Moon Garden, Meditation nook, and around water features throughout both sun or shade!

Check out all the unique flower and foliage colors available at Nature Hills Nursery and create the garden of your dreams with some silver sparkle today!

Happy Planting!

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