5 Plants With Silver Leaves

5 Plants With Silver Leaves

close up image of lungwort plant and flowers

Sometimes, you just need something different in your yard. Many of your plants may be colorful, with green foliage and bright flowers. But sometimes, you need something that adds a subtle color to your garden - especially in shadier areas where it can get dark with only green plants. Enter silver foliage plants. These five plants will add that bit of light to the rest of your garden with their silver leaves.  

Silver Edge Lavender - Lavandula x intermedia 'Walvera' Silver Edge Lavender Overview silver leaves Lavender is well known for its intoxicating scent - so why not include one in your landscape? Silver Edge Lavender provides that silver color to a sunny location. Growing to a mature size of three feet tall and two feet wide, Silver Edge Lavender sports beautiful purple flowers in the summer. To encourage flowering, cut the flowers back after blooming to encourage new growth. Best in zones 5 - 9, Silver Edge Lavender brings that cooling silver color to the sunniest of locations.    

Ghost Fern - Athyrium 'Ghost' Ghost Fern Overview silver leaves Having a fern with silvery foliage makes for an intriguing conversation piece. The ghost fern lives up to that expectation with its silvery gray leaves. With an upright habit and the tendency to slowly spread, this fern provides that silver color with a delicate texture to a shady planting. Reaching up to 3 feet wide and tall at maturity in zones 4-9, ghost fern thrives in moist soils. Add it to contrast against a bright green foliage plant for maximum contrast.  

Silver Mound - Artemisia schmidtiana
silver leaves
The soft fuzzy silver foliage of Silver mound disguises one of the best features of this plant - it doesn't mind low soil quality. Its size is as cute and petite as the foliage - only growing to be a foot tall and around 18 inches wide - making it an ideal-sized plant to go wherever you need a touch of silver foliage. Best in zones 3-9, this plant provides a cooling feel with its silver foliage.  

Silver Anniversary Abelia - Abelia x 'Panache' Silver Anniversary Abelia Full- silver leaves Variegated white and green foliage develop from red stems, making this shrub a fantastic addition to any landscape. White wedding-bell flowers begin blooming in the late spring and last through to the first frost. Their sweet aroma will add another touch of elegance to your landscape. Growing to a maximum height of 24 inches tall, Silver Anniversary Abelia will spread to approximately 3 feet wide. Best in zones 6-9 this plant will thrive in sun conditions ranging from full sun to partial shade. Enjoy the touches of silver on this plant within your landscape.  

Raspberry Splash LungwortSilver Bouquet Lungwort Blooms and Foliage- silver leaves Raspberry Lungwort is a beautiful plant that should be in your landscape. Its silvery leaves have a hint of lime green scattered along the insides, and the flowers shift from pink to purple as they age. It won't grow much larger than 10 inches tall, but will spread to almost 20 inches wide in ideal conditions. Best planted in shade in zones 3-9, Raspberry Splash Lungwort is the perfect addition to your shady landscape.   Whether you're looking for a shrub with silver foliage to use as a backdrop, or something unique to put in a secluded shady area, silver foliage gives you that color contrast you may not have considered. Next time you're looking for a unique plant, try using one of these to add some cooling color contrast to your landscape!

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