Fruit Trees to Plant for a November Harvest

Fruit Trees to Plant for a November Harvest

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The chill is in the air and a few parts of the country are staring down winter. But for many in warm growing zones with mild winters - It’s your time to shine!

Growing zones 7 are finishing up their harvest season, indoor gardeners and greenhouse growers are still trucking, but zones 8,9,10, and 11 are in full harvest season for a wide variety of fruit tree goodness.

What better way to welcome the last few weeks of fall and first weeks of winter than fresh produce from your own backyard of course!

Many plants in warmer climates are now loving the break from the heat and are entering their mini-second spring. This is the time some plants bloom and it's also late-season harvest time!

Here’s a list of a few Fruit Trees that are still full of bounty in the month of November!

Fruit Trees Ripening in November

Apple Trees

November is still Apple season! The night's chill turns starches into sugars and sweetens many varieties of Apple! Apple trees in warm growing zones are just getting ready and varieties that need a long time on the tree are ready to pick! melrose apple

  • Arkansas Black
  • Braeburn
  • Cox Orange Pippin
  • Enterprise 
  • Fuji
  • Gold Rush
  • Granny Smith
  • Idared
  • Liberty and the USDA Organic Liberty Apple
  • Macoun
  • Melrose
  • Mutsu (Crispin)
  • Newton Pippin
  • Pink Lady (Cripps Pink Variety)
  • Red Prairie Spy Apple Tree
  • Sundowner
  • Winesap

No room for a full-sized Apple tree and its pollinator? Try a 6-In-One Espalier Apple Tree with early, mid and late-season harvests in one high-style grafted tree!

Avocado Trees

It’s the prime Avocado season in warm to hot climates! Time to eat all you can of these nutrient-packed Alligator Pears! hass avocado

  • Bacon
  • Donnie
  • Fantastic
  • Hall
  • Hass
  • Joey
  • Lila
  • Monroe
  • Zutano & Mexicola Avocado Tree Combo

Banana Plants

Not true trees, but the Red Banana plants are ripening this month too! Several other varieties ripen sporadically when planted in warm climates in the ground.

Cherry Trees

Unfortunately, the Cherry Tree season is over by now, but the Barbados Cherry tree is still having its second crop in warm to hot climates in USDA zones 9-12!

Citrus Trees

It’s also prime Citrus tree season! These juicy delights ripen this time of year, while year-round producing trees are still going strong! Northern growers - those reduced sunlight hours may require a grow light to keep your trees growing green.


  • Chinese 
  • Rio Red
  • Ruby Red - begins ripening in some areas

Lemon/Lime mexican key lime

  • Bearss/Persian Limes
  • Cocktail 
  • Genoa
  • Improved Dwarf Meyer
  • Kaffir Lime
  • Key Limequat
  • Lisbon Lemon
  • Mexican Key Lime
  • New Zealand
  • Ponderosa Lemons
  • Palestine Limes
  • Rangpur 
  • Thornless Mexican Lime
  • Variegated Pink

Oranges & Mandarins tarocco blood orange tree

  • Calamondin & Variegated Calamondin
  • California Honey
  • Fukamoto
  • Miho Wase Hardy
  • Page
  • Robertson Sweet
  • Vaniglia Sanguigno Blood

The Buddha Hand Fruit is ripening now through winter too!

Coffee Plants

Grow your own morning cup of Joe! If you have the room, the climate, and the patience, you can see the lovely Coffee tree fruits ripening and ready to roast in most warm growing zones!

Custard Apple (Cherimoya) honey heart cherimoyas

The tropical Custard Apple is getting ripe in November! Try a Honey Heart Cherimoya or Red Custard Apple today!

Fig Trees

Late-season Figs, usually on their second (or breba) crop of the season, are ripening all summer and into fall, often still ripening in November with a smaller crop of these luxurious fruits!

  • Black Mission - Finishing their harvest
  • Brown Turkey
  • Celeste 
  • Panache Tiger
  • Violette de Bordeaux


If you are lucky enough to be able to grow Guava Trees, the Pineapple Guava and White Asian Guava are most likely ripening now!

Jackfruit Trees

Another tree that if you have the room and the tropical climate, you’ll enjoy seeing these large, unique fruit ripening directly on the trunks of your Jackfruit tree! Hardy in USDA zones 9 and up, these trees sometimes produce fruit in cooler climates when kept in greenhouses and bright four-season porches. Look into the incredible Orange Crush Jackfruit Tree available at Nature Hills.

Jujube Tree li jujube

You may not have heard of the Jujube, or Chinese Date tree, but these delicious warm climate trees have a load of ornamental and delicious features you are going to be happy to learn about! These trees are hardy in USDA zones as low as 5-6 through 9-10 and the Li Jujube begins to ripen this time of year!

Nut Trees

November is still nut season if the squirrels haven’t made off with your bounty! Time to get ready for all those holiday homemade desserts!

Olive Trees

In the hot, dry, and arid Mediterranean climates of the southern US, Olive trees are beginning to hang heavy with fruit. If you are looking to pick green Olives, now is the time to start preparing for the start of the Olive tree harvest!

  • Arbequina
  • Frantoio
  • Koroneiki
  • Leccino
  • Manzanillo
  • Pendolino

Pawpaw Trees wabash pawpaw tree

Big sweet tropical-looking members of the Custard Apple tree family, Pawpaw trees are North American natives and along with their many cultivars. Look for these big fruit trees ripening still in November!

Pear Trees

November is Winter Pear season and several varieties are either still on the tree or ripening this month. Some even continue through the winter months of many growing zones. Remember, Pears do not all ripen on the tree, many Pears can be picked and ripened on the counter or kept for a long period in storage. Pear butter, spiced canned pears, and juice-running-down-your-chin goodness await you!

  • Bosc
  • D Anjou
  • Korean Giant Asian might still be on the tree in early November
  • Luscious
  • Oriental Asian
  • Seckel 

Persimmon Trees

You haven’t missed the native American Persimmon tree harvest and it continues through the fall! These American and Asian fruit trees are highly sought after by those that are acquainted with them! of You are a lucky hiker or forager to find one of these natives growing in the wild!

  • American
  • Asian Hachiya Persimmon
  • Fuyu Jiro
  • Hachiya
  • Magic Fountain Weeping

Pomegranate Trees toms red pomegranate

These winter and Christmastime treats are in full gear! Pomegranates are a welcome brilliant red treat and November means Pomegranate harvest season in warmer climates can enjoy these unique juicy jewel-filled luxury treats! Not ripening off the tree, be sure to pick them at peak ripeness!

  • Desertnyi (Desert Pomegranate)
  • Kazake
  • Parfianka
  • Pink Satin
  • Purple Heart
  • Tom's Red

Weather & Climate Variations

Please remember that weather, a late or early spring, hot summer temps barging in early, very dry summers, and drought-recovering autumns, plus many other variants within your growing zone and even your elevation will greatly affect the precise time your fruit trees flower and fruit ripens! As well as an unexpectedly early or late frost.

Harvest dates can vary depending upon the location in your landscape you are growing your trees in too! Micro-climates around the trees, walls, and structures near them, the soil type - all contribute to fruit development. There is a tremendous amount of variation in ripening dates between zone 4 and zone 9 which can and will, significantly affect harvest dates. 

Plus the amount of sun available may have some impact on ripening too. Choose the very best location for your tree before planting! You can always check with your local County Agricultural Extension office for information on the best trees for your area!

Don’t forget to pick up a suitable pollinator for your fruit tree if they need a pollination buddy! And check out high-density planting to save space!

Check out our When to Harvest Garden Blog which explains how you know your fruit is ripe and ready for picking, plus loads of harvest tips and tricks for you!

Double Duty Edible Landscape Plants!

father and son planting a fruit tree

All of these lovely trees offer spring blooms, shade, and sometimes fall color and all increase your property value while filling your pantry with fresh fruit, preserves, delicious baked goods, and sauces for all your favorite recipes.

So get out in the garden with the gourds, Cabbages, late-season veggies, and late-season peppers and tomatoes and harvest your late-autumn goodness today!

The edible landscaping craze is sweeping the nation! Secure your family's food access and self-sustainability, and increase your fresh food variety availability, regardless of the size of your landscape, with easy-to-grow fruit trees from Nature Hills! These double-duty trees and plants are not just healthy food for your pantry but also ornamental flowering landscape additions that provide shade and curb appeal as well!

Happy Late-Fall Season Harvest!

Fall is also the perfect time for warm to hot climate growing zones to get those last trees and shrubs planted! No longer having to contend with summer heat and dry spells, fall and spring are prime planting seasons for you! 

Northern and cooler hardiness zones - It’s also time to think about pruning some of your trees and shrubs as they go dormant, but some plants should not be pruned in fall so please read about those here for more about pruning fruit trees in our Garden Blog!

Tasty treats for the cooler seasons await you when you plant one or more of these delicious fruit trees at Nature Hills Nursery! Hurry and reserve yours today so you too can enjoy fruit from spring, summer and fall fruit and beyond - delivered to your doorstep!

As always, head over to #ProPlantTips for care for garden info and ideas anytime! We’ll be glad to help you select the perfect fruit trees, plant them and care for them, plus so much more! 

Happy Planting!

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