Pecan Trees

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Pecan Trees

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Plant Pecan Trees For Shade And A Delicious Nut Harvest 

The pecan tree, Carya illinoinensis, is native to the warmer regions of North America. Pecan trees thrive in zones 6-9 in America. These trees make wonderful shade trees, but the real value comes from the delicious pecan nuts. Pecans are most widely produced nut in America. Each tree has the capability of producing 70-150 pounds of nuts each year!

These trees are large, reaching 70’-100’ in height with a spread of 40’-70’. Although pecan trees are moderate growers, gaining between 1’-2’ per year, it takes about 6-10 years before they begin to produce full harvests. A long-living tree, pecans can often live 300 years or more!

A deep taproot makes the pecan quite a sturdy tree. Be sure to plant more than one tree to ensure pollination and a great harvest!