Trees, Shrubs & Perennials For Virginia

Virginia Flag
State Tree: American Dogwood (Cornus florida)
State Flower: American Dogwood (Cornus florida)
Planting Zones In Virginia: Zones 5, 6, 7 & 8

Planting Zone Map for Virginia

Virginia Plant Zone Map
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The Perfect Plants For Your Virginia Garden

Virginia is often referred to as “down where the south begins” for its southern position in the mid-Atlantic states.  It’s a historic state, rich in history and tradition, including a strong legacy of agriculture. The Chesapeake Bay and Blue Ridge Mountains have a huge impact upon the gardening conditions in Virginia, creating both positive attributes and interesting challenges for those who call it home.  No matter where you live in Virginia however, a city apartment, mountain cabin or home along the Bay, Nature Hills Nursery has 13 years of experience in meeting your gardening needs.

Choosing A Tree For Your Virginia Home

The gorgeous, Flowering Dogwood is the state tree of Virginia and is just one example of the type of exceptional tree Nature Hills has to offer to the “Old Dominion” state. A popular choice of Virginians is also the Purple Crepe Myrtle, with its prolific profusion of purple blooms that display all summer long.  Royal Empress often appeals to those in the “Cavalier State” as well, its stately 50 feet rising above the landscape so quickly that it’s often called the world’s fastest growing tree.  Whatever your choice of tree for your home, be it a Virginian favorite like Weeping Redbud or Autumn Blaze Maple, Nature Hills Nursery has quality nursery stock to meet your needs.

Selecting Virginia Shrubs

Virginia, the “mother of states”, is also mother to a wide variety of flora and fauna, including some remarkable shrubs.  Among the most popular chosen by our Virginia guests is the Nellie Stevens Holly.  This fast-growing evergreen has a dense and decorative nature that presents a unique appearance in any landscape.  Likewise, the Shadblow Serviceberry often decorates Virginia homes with its spring and fall color (and the added gift of delicious fruit to tease the palate).  With these, and so many exceptional shrubs to choose from, Nature Hills Nursery has established itself as a prime source for your Virginian home gardening needs.

Popular Virginia Perennials

Virginia is home to a vast array of both wild and cultivated flowers, and Virginia gardeners have long demonstrated their love of flowering perennials.  Nature Hills offers a selection of varieties of Ajuga, a long-time favorite of our Virginian guests with its colorful foliage and delicate flowers.  Black-Eyed Susan, Phlox and an assortment of ornamental grasses are also often in demand by Virginians.  Nature Hills Nursery has happily met that demand for many years and will certainly continue to do so.

When you think of Virginia with its wealth of history and diverse resources, one thing is certain—Virginia has a lot to offer to the home gardener.  Likewise, Nature Hills Nursery offers a great selection of high-quality products to fit the particular needs of Virginians, no matter where in this great state they make their home.

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