Trees, Shrubs & Perennials For Georgia

Georgia Flag
State Tree: Live Oak ( Quercus virginiana)
State Flower: Cherokee Rose ( Rosa laevigata)
Planting Zones In Georgia: Zones 6, 7, 8 & 9

Planting Zone Map for Georgia

Georgia Plant Zone Map
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The Perfect Plants For Your Georgia Garden

The great state of Georgia was named for England’s King George II and intended for the “poor and deserving”.  This refuge state has since grown into one of the most beautiful and productive states in the nation, with a populace closely tied to the land and appreciative of the joys of gardening.  From “Georgia peanuts” to “Vidalia onions”, Georgia is renowned for its agricultural roots.  For over 13 years, Nature Hills Nursery has enjoyed being a part of serving the gardening needs of Georgia gardeners, and their exceptional taste in high quality products.

Choosing A Tree For Your Georgia Home

Savannah has often been called “the nation’s most beautiful city”, and it’s little wonder.  With the majestic Oak as its state tree amid the rich diversity of lovely shrubs, trees and perennials that Georgia has to offer, it’s easy to see why Georgia is a stunning locale.  At Nature Hills Nursery, we supply all the favorites of our Georgia friends.  Trees such as the Blue Chinese Wisteria (with its resplendent spring display), and the Royal Empress (the world’s fastest growing tree that’s as illustrious as its name), are just a couple of the trees beloved by Georgians.  “The Peach State” is well known for its love of fruit-bearing trees as well.  In fact, Meyer Lemon (a hardy tree with luscious fruit), is yet another example of the high quality product that Georgians have come to expect from Nature Hills Nursery.

Selecting Georgia Shrubs

A mix of mountains and coastal plains, Georgia provides diversity in gardening endeavors.  From the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Atlantic Coastal Plains, there are a variety of soils and conditions to be found, and Nature Hills Nursery has the shrubs that Georgians want and need.  Favorite choices of our Georgian friends are the Bicolor Butterfly Bush (a phenomenal lure to pollinators), the New Dawn Climbing Rose (with its gorgeous blooms), and the Frost Proof Gardenia (a spectacular blossom that must be seen to be believed).  These exceptional shrubs, and more, are all available at Nature Hills Nursery. 

Popular Georgia Perennials

Whether in big cities like Atlanta and Columbus, or small towns like Ivey and Lenox, Georgians love perennials…and who wouldn’t with Nature Hills Nursery’s choices like delicate Bluebells, carefree Yarrow or versatile Sage.  These Georgian favorites, and other favorites (such as diverse selections of Sedum and ornamental grasses), make Nature Hills Nursery the perfect choice for the gardening needs of the great state of Georgia.

Georgia is the largest state (east of the Mississippi), in land area so the agricultural opportunities are significant.  It’s also often called the “Empire State of the South”, for its interest in development, leading to opportunities for small gardens, patio and container landscaping and indoor floriculture.  With such a wide variety of needs, Georgians need a nursery with products and services they can count on…and Nature Hills Nursery certainly fits the bill. 

Georgia Department of Agriculture
University of Georgia Agriculture Extension

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