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PJM Rhododendron Overview
PJM Rhododendron Overview PJM Rhododendron Landscape PJM Rhododendron Close Up PJM Rhododendron Leaves Close Up
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P.J.M. Rhododendron

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Stunning Fuchsia Flowers and Autumn Color

P.J.M. Rhododendron is a broadleaf evergreen shrub with ornamental features.  Place a few in your shade garden or perhaps plant some as a shrub border in your side yard.  Even if choosing just one, P.J.M would make a lovely specimen planting anywhere you place it in your yard.

Your P.J.M. Rhododendron will astound you with its masses of gorgeous blooms of brilliant fuchsia that appear in spring.  Each delicate image of floral perfection appears in clusters of 4-9 blossoms for a truly outstand effect that’s impossible to miss. 

An added benefit are the butterflies, hummingbirds and bees that will flock to your P.J.M. to enjoy its subtle scent, adding yet another charming element to an already enchanting shrub.  Even the foliage on your P.J.M. is lovely.  Each 3-inch, oval leaf of thick texture possesses a vibrant, dark green shade that frames the flowers perfectly. 

Even without the beautiful blooms, the foliage fills out the shrub for a rich, full appearance in your landscape.  As autumn approaches, your P.J.M. offers up one last blast of color as the foliage transitions to a deep purple for the winter months. 

P.J.M. Rhododendron will grow to 6 feet high with a 4-foot spread.  It has an upright, mounding habit and compact form.  It tends to naturally maintain a neat appearance so won’t require any particular fuss from you if you prefer to let it grow naturally.  The PJM Group of Rhododendrons are known to be particular winter hardy and long-lived.  In fact, under optimal conditions P.J.M. will live up to 40 years.

It’s hard to imagine a more stunning image in your yard than the profusion of dazzling, fuchsia blooms this amazing Rhododendron will grace your yard with this spring.  A hardy shrub with flowers and gorgeous fall color, P.J.M. is one of those shrubs that makes you want to plant more again next year…and the year after that!

* Spring flowers
* Fragrant
* Evergreen
* Long lived
* Cold hardy
* Heat tolerant

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P.J.M. Rhododendron Is Suited to Grow in Zones 4-8
Growing Zones 4-8
More Information
Brand Nature Hills Nursery
Botanical Name Rhododendron 'P.J.M.'
Foliage Green
Mature Height 4 - 6 feet
Mature Spread 3 - 4 feet
Soil Type Well drained
Sun Exposure Full Sun, Partial Sun
Growth Rate Medium
Flower Color Lavender
Fall Color Evergreen