Broadleaved Evergreens Are All The Rage

Broadleaved Evergreens Are All The Rage

It’s time to let the tree out of the box..Broadleaved Evergreens are here and have earned their way to the garden’s heart. With so much as providing color YEAR ROUND, how could they not be all the rage

Whether they serve as a simple backdrop to your other plants or are placed as the main focus in a landscape, Broadleaved Evergreens will work hard either way. You’ll appreciate the winter interest appeal they bring to a landscape so effortlessly too!

So, gear up for a fresh winter landscape headed your way with the help of Nature Hills (and this blog)!

What Is A Broadleaved Evergreen?

But first things first-- what’s the difference between a regular Evergreen and a Broadleaf Evergreen? 

There are two types of Evergreens: those with needles and those with broad leaves. All broadleaved plants are those that have relatively flat leaves for a large surface area instead of having leaves that are needles.

Needle Evergreens are easier to identify, but a few known options include: Spruce, Pines and Junipers. 

Also, note that the words ‘broadleaf’ and ‘evergreen’ are not opposites. In fact, this blog is proof of that! There are several evergreen plants that are also labeled as broadleaf shrubs, despite not having the characteristic of needle-bearing leaves. 

Let’s explore some of Nature Hills’ favorite Broadleaf Evergreens below: 

Which Broadleaved Evergreen Is For My Garden?

With a few different choices, it can be hard to know which Broadleaved Evergreen is for you! The good news is that you can’t go wrong with adding any combination of them to a garden. To make it easier, we’ve highlighted the very best parts of each Broadleaf Evergreen in this blog. 


You know them. You love them. You can’t beat them. Boxwoods are one of the most cold hardy Broadleaved Evergreen shrubs you can find, which makes them relatively ideal for just about any home in any growing zone. 

The shiny, glossy green leaves will keep their color year-round, even in zones that see snow and frigid temperatures. It’s almost as if you have your very own winter wonderland right outside the window!

You can find Boxwoods that spread in form, such as a Winter Gem Boxwood, or go for one that has an upright shape to it, like a Rotundifolia Boxwood

Don’t like the shape of your Boxwood? That’s easy to fix! This Broadleaved Evergreen is perfect for shearing to create formal hedges or pyramidal specimens. However, they will even look great when let to grow naturally as well. 

Holly Bushes

Holly Bushes are prized leading up to and during the holiday season. We can’t argue why! Their dark green colored shiny leaves come to an aggressive point while brilliantly red berries appear to steal the show away. 

People love to use the Holly Bush’s branches and bright red berries as winter decorations outdoors and even indoors! Imagine having a holiday party and your guests cannot stop commenting on the fresh, festive decorations in the living room. 

Holly Bushes are also versatile. Choose from spreading forms to upright forms. And, you can place them just about anywhere as a: formal hedge row, foundation plant, or understory to large trees! 

Even without a yard, you can count on this Broadleaved Evergreen. The narrow styles of these will grow pleasantly in outdoor containers! Take that apartment next door. 


Introducing the infamous Broadleaved Evergreen shrub, the Rhododendron. When most people hear the word Rhododendron, they immediately jump to the giant springtime flowers that are so profuse in color they make you second guess if they are real. 

While this much is true, just like their fellow friends, these shrubs also hold an eye-catching shiny green foliage all year long keeping the visual interest going in a timeless manner. 

Use them just as you would any other evergreen shrub, but this time expect an added bonus of incredible flower displays!

Remember that Broadleaved Evergreens are all the rage for a rightful reason! They offer the year-round interest gardeners crave that keep their landscape looking healthy even during the winter season. 

So, next time you’re faced with adding color to the outdoors, think of Broadleaved Evergreens from Nature Hills!

Protecting Your Broadleaved Evergreens With the Help of Plant Sentry™

You might have seen their logo and name around the website while shopping, but it might come as a surprise to see what it is that Plant Sentry™ does! 

Plant Sentry™ is responsible for ensuring that your plants from Nature Hills make it to your doorstep free of invasive pests and diseases. As a part of our responsibility we seek out every opportunity to help the Nature Hills Nursery customer achieve the healthiest plants possible.

That’s why today, our Plant Sentry™ friends are briefly dropping into this blog about Broadleaved Evergreens to offer some quick tips on how to continue to protect your plants once they’re planted in your garden. 

No matter the variety of Broadleaved Evergreen that you choose for your garden, there are a few simple things that you can do to keep your plants growing hearty and healthy: 

  1. Place your new plants in an area of well draining soil and minimal stress opportunities.
  2. Keep an eye on your plants and regularly check the foliage for any unsightly additions that may require following up with removal of the plant. 

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