Create A Destination Spot In Your Landscape

Create A Destination Spot In Your Landscape

Backyard Patio Space

Who needs a Hawaiian or Bahamas resort vacation every blue moon when you can be fully engulfed into a homemade destination hub each and every day? 

Of course we would all be quick to say “Heck, take me to Hawaii!” But sit back and really think on it. 

Truth be told, the simple and more relaxing joys come from being in your own space on your own time. And to make the backyard a little more worthwhile, we have put together the ideal guide to creating a destination spot in the landscape.

So..relax, read and merely enjoy creating a backyard paradise. 

Dress Up Your Deck

By defining different areas within a deck space, even small backyards can be easily positioned to an outdoor oasis. A variety of different levels can be used to outline spaces that are meant for dining or others that are made for relaxing. 

While dinner is sizzling on the grill in the corner, you can be sippin a glass of hot tea while reading a good book on the top level of the deck non-bothered by the surroundings. 

To make things even more relaxing, use luxurious vines softly draped upon a canopy and a few container trees angled purposefully to envelope the surrounding garden onto the deck. 

This will further help blend the deck into the landscape’s natural beauty! 

Establish The Ideal Patio

Patios can be many things. But a hot slab of blank concrete basking in the sun should not be one of them! Instead, think of a patio as a welcoming extension of your home. 

It’s a gathering space for family holidays, a hangout spot for nights with friends, and it can even be an individualized area made for enjoying cool breezes and crisp fresh air. 

Consider adding color and texture to your “outdoor room” by replacing the boring concrete with an elegant brick or stone. The natural look of your home should carry out onto the patio! 

Adding outdoor rugs, tropical plants, and landscape lighting can make a huge difference too.

Then, decorate with a raised bed or two pleasantly home growing fruit bushes right next to the patio. Feel free to pluck a berry here and there for a mid-afternoon snack, we won’t tell! 

Patio trees will gladly light up the outdoor space with color to add to the backyard getaway too!

Spice It Up With An Outdoor Kitchen

Landscape designers are seen more and more adding outdoor kitchens to a backyard and there is no wonder why! If you’re grilling spring through fall or you enjoy taking lunches or dinners outdoors, an outside kitchen is for you.

We know what you’re thinking, adding a kitchen is quite the project to take on! However, a simple countertop addition for prepping food and a side burner will take the outdoor cooking experience to the next level in a heartbeat. 

Looking for more ways to create the ideal outdoor dining establishment? Add in a small refrigerator and sink! The trip inside will no longer be needed. The cycle of fruit from garden to plate won’t even have to leave the outdoors anymore.

Create Privacy

Paradise only truly feels like an oasis if a sense of enclosure can be felt. This way an unbelievable feeling of relaxation can take its place!

But plastic fences and walls make you feel boxed in and don’t allow natural wildlife to prosper. The good news: plants are known for creating privacy while adding in visual interests. 

Grow rows and hedges of elegant looking privacy trees in a backyard landscape so that you can not only enjoy their beauty but also enjoy the beauty of peaceful serenity. 

Invent Your Own Shady Spots

A little shade here and there never hurt anyone, even those who relish in the sun. In fact, you’ll find yourself enjoying the fresh air even more if you can provide relief from the sun in some areas. 

Our personal favorite shady spot is a colorful hammock strategically placed under a mature shade tree or two. The slight sway back and forth while gazing up at the sun beams glistening on the leaves is a peaceful sight to lose time in. 

But, retractable awnings or a trellis fully draped with vines will do the trick too!

Furnish With A Purpose

When it comes to furnishing outdoor areas, the choices seem to be endless. The style of cushions, the different layouts, and the various materials used can all make or break the newly backyard designed destination. 

Above all, furnish for comfort and durability. Swinging chairs and hammocks enjoy being placed where the natural outdoors can surround them. But the patio and deck will want to have weatherproof dining areas, stools with backs, and furniture with cushions.

Arrange Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to vacations and getaways, the fun always continues after the sun sets. It should be no different in the backyard! Outdoor lighting illuminates the hard work placed into the garden design and provides ambient lighting for activities that stretch pass the sun. 

For the kitchen and dining space, you’ll need great task lighting that brings ease to the work areas. Steps and walkways should have a runway of lighting following a strict path for safety.

Drape strands of lights from tree to tree to create a true paradise feel too! 

O go for a two-in-one with a large solar lamp that has a planter plot for a base. A few of these placed around your destination yard are sure to provide ample enough of lighting while looking exquisite. 

Wallmount downlights, solar powered lamps, and accent lights also will do the trick! The combination of mixed lighting sources will make your backyard destination a magical place.

Bring On The Amenities

You can never go wrong with too many amenities, especially when they create the utopia of backyards! 

Fountains use the soothing sound of trickling water to provide a relaxing sensation. They also can serve as a major focal point that neighbors will simply be in awe by when over for a visit. 

If you’re feeling ambitious, a swimming pool is sure to add joy and happiness while adding yet another feature of a well organized vacation. 

Fireplaces and firepits are a MUST when it comes to being outdoors. How else will you make positively delicious s’mores? Not only do they provide a source of heat and lighting, but they make a great starting point for an outdoor kitchen. 

It’s a known classic that a well lit fire pit is the go-to gathering space for all things outside! Not to mention, it’ll feel like you’re camping in a historic national park on a fine summer’s day evening.

Lastly, accessorize the new and improved backyard with garden decor of all types! These small final touches will turn an ordinary patio into a welcoming outdoor living space for all ages. 

So what is there to be waiting for? Your backyard destination spot is just around the corner and soon enough, paradise will be found in the comfort of your own yard!

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