Sand Cherry

Sand Cherry

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  1. Purpleleaf Sand Cherry Zones: 4-7
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  2. Western Sand Cherry Bush Zones: 3-6
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  3. Great Lakes Sand Cherry Zones: 2 - 8
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Sand Cherry Bushes at Nature Hills Nursery

A pretty flowering deciduous shrub, the Sand Cherry (Prunus) is a treasured fruit and nut tree relative that displays gorgeous blooms, incredible fragrance, and lovely foliage color! Pollinator-friendly blossoms look gorgeous in the landscape as well as the vase in the spring!

Pollinators adore Sand Cherries because they produce wonderfully fragrant pink or white flowers carry a delightful, energetic space-saving form. Often small enough to fit into just about any sunny landscape and they can be maintained smaller by pruning very easily.

Producing a juicy crop of Cherry-like dark berries that are rich and flavorful with a tart acidic flavor. Birds adore these trees as much as you will for their double-duty fruiting ornamentals and garden filler!

  • The Purpleleaf Sand Cherry Tree is a gorgeous single-stemmed tree form of the shrub that is grafted on a straight standard (trunk). Both the Purpleleaf tree and shrub have pinkish blossoms and dark purple leaves and stems for a dramatic show!
  • The Pawnee Buttes® Western Sand Cherry Bush pinkish white blooms, edible fruit, and dramatic fall color!
  • Great Lakes Sand Cherry - native with silvery foliage, fragrant blooms and rich tart fruit
  • Western Sand Cherry is a native with sparkling white blossoms and silvery foliage
  • First Editions® Jade Parade® Sand Cherry bushes are incredible groundcover plants with blue-green leaves!

All are fantastic shrubs that will enhance your landscape beautifully! Wildlife will make use of any fruit that these plants produce if you don't hurry and make jam, jelly, juice, or baked goods from your harvest!

Caring For Sand Cherry Bushes

These small flowering deciduous fruiting shrubs are highly adaptable to various soil types and climates. Cold-hardy, you'll get the best show of blooms and fruit set in full sun. Typically xeric and hardy plants, Sand Cherry thrive in some tough conditions in nature, but these native and hybrid plants also do well in average garden conditions!

Sand Cherries thrive in harsher conditions due to their deep root system, enabling established plants to survive drought. Like most plants, these hardy natives need well-drained soil and average fertility. Provide a layer of mulch to help insulate the roots and support their moisture needs.

These plants bloom in the spring so to get maximum bloom displays, prune right after they have finished blooming. You can also renewal prune every 3-5 years to keep the branching vigorous and remove older branches that are less productive.

Sweet Little Sand Cherry Shrubs

The Prunus family has over 400 species growing in just the Northern hemisphere and includes Almonds, Nectarines, Peaches, Apricots, Cherry, and Plum trees! Grown not just for their beauty but for the gorgeous flowers and tasty fruit they produce.

Sand Cherries are grown more for their ornamental qualities and not for the fruit but they are still fantastic additions to your edible landscaping orchards and supporting native ecosystems.

Nature Hills has a wide selection of these hardy bushes for you to choose from so check out each and order yours today!