Top 5 Best Smelling Perennials For Your Home

Top 5 Best Smelling Perennials For Your Home

Smell is essential in choosing perennials, flowers that bloom more than one year, for a home garden. Flowers give off scent to attract pollinators. These scents enrich our landscape.  

Lilac Bloom

5. Lilacs: strong fragrant flowers These sweet-smelling beautiful blooms range in colors from pink to purple. They grow in zones 3-7. The best planting time is in the fall or spring. These perennials grow in the spring and summer. Their perfume will attract butterflies to your garden.   

   lily of the valley

4. Lily of the Valley: strong sweet smell  These small, bell-shaped flowers come in pink and white and grows well in zones 3-9. Plant these beauties in the fall, and they will return each spring. Keep pets away from this poisonous plant.              


3. Peony Plants: deep perfume fragrance. A favorite flower of weddings, these long-lasting fluffy perennials come in pink, red, white, and yellow. They grow well in zones 3-8. They should be planted in the fall. Each spring, they will return to welcome in the new season.         

Honeysuckle Vine

2. Honeysuckle Vines: thick scent with a hint of honey.  These tube-shaped flowers come in pink, red, and white. They grow on vines that can get over 20 feet tall. To accommodate their height, it is best to plant them along a trellis or fence. They grow well in zones 4-9. These perennials bloom in the summer and fall and should be planted in the spring. Their fragrance attracts humming birds to your garden.    

  Joseph's Coat Rose

1. Roses -  This one is was the easiest choice.  Roses are known for their fragrance, which makes them one of the most popular plants in the United States. Our favorite is the Julia Child Rose. These have a sweet licorice and spice fragrance to them. The beautiful yellow flowers bloom from late spring to early summer, with repeating blooms as well.      

Any one of these perennials with their beauty and fragrance will turn your home garden into a show place.

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