Endless Summer Hydrangeas

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Endless Summer Hydrangeas

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The Endless Summer Hydrangea collection has a well-earned place in the hydrangea plant category. The original Endless Summer Hydrangea has led to the production of a series of hydrangeas that has the unique feature of re-blooming. These plants bloom throughout the season, and they offer the unique habit of blooming on both new wood and old wood. (In other words, trimming down your Endless Summer hydrangea will not keep it from blooming the next season.)

The blooms on this line of hydrangeas range from a white to blush pink, 'Blushing Bride', to the latest entry, 'Bloom Struck,' with purple or deep pink blossoms. 'Twist-n-Shout' provides pink blooms in alkaline soil and blue blooms in acidic soils. You can trust the Endless Summer Collection to perform admirably in zones 4 through 9.

Differing from one another, all four of the plants in this collection provide their own distinct and unique color. Proudly offered by Nature Hills, these Hydrangea were introduced by Bailey Nursery in Minnesota. Note: Keep in mind the acidity/alkalinity of your soils greatly impacts bloom color.