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Choose The Right Plants For Your State

Nature Hills has an amazing selection of plants! But how do you choose the perfect plant that you know will do well in your landscape?

In addition to knowing your USDA Plant Hardiness Zone, finding the right native or cultivar that will do great in your State's unique climate and weather is easy!

Just select your State above and let guide you to the perfect perennials, shrubs, trees, and more that will work for your individual growing zone and region!

Why Choose Plants For Your State?

By choosing plants that are right for your State's climate and weather, and the many microclimates, biomes, and other conditions prevalent in your immediate area, you will rest assured your selection will thrive!

  • Plants already adapted to your summers, winters, weather, and environment
  • Support native plants and the pollinators and birds that depend on them
  • Find the best selection of indigenous species right here at Nature Hills Nursery!
  • Arid desert-like States need plants that handle drought and xeric conditions
  • States with lots of wetlands and water features need plants that like higher-moisture
  • Live in a coastal area? Salt-tolerant, coastal trees and plants can handle hurricanes, drought, sandy soil, heat and humidity throughout the year!

By choosing plants specifically for your area, you can rest assured your plant is well suited to your climate and soil because they originated there!

Native trees typically need less water once established, establish faster and tolerate local growing zones, climate, weather, and anything else your State can throw at them. Plus you'll feed pollinators, songbirds, and wildlife by providing them with flowers and plants they recognize!

Nature Hills grows and ships plants from Nurseries close to you, that way you can rest assured you are getting a plant that is grown outdoors, in all kinds of weather, and in a region similar to the one they will be planted in!

Order With Confidence!

You'll order with confidence knowing all our plants are protected by the Nature Hills Product Guarantee to ensure you receive quality plants shipped safely. You can also rest easy knowing that Plant Sentry™ ensures Nature Hills remains compliant with all State and Federal Agricultural laws and regulations, keeping your local flora and fauna safe!

Plus we only ship plants with larger, mature root systems that are ready to get established faster in your garden.

Nature Hills also offers planting and maintenance support with our easy-to-follow Planting Guide! Learn everything you need to know about successful growing and great garden ideas in our #ProPlantTips Garden Blog! We ensure you will have all the information possible to establish and care for your investment for the life of your plant!

Need more information? Contact Nature Hills Nursery and our highly qualified horticultural staff for more, or contact your local Agricultural County Extension Office to help you further narrow down your many options!

Help keep your State's native biodiversity intact by planting trees native to your area! Nature Hills is committed to helping you preserve your State’s unique beauty with plants and trees that are sure to do well in your garden without impacting your native flora and fauna!