Small Space Gardening Must Have: PopUp Garden

Small Space Gardening Must Have: PopUp Garden

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Save Space & Garden Everywhere with a Deluxe PopUp Garden! Vertical gardening and growing in a small footprint is all the rage, and sometimes a necessity! Not everyone has expansive yards and large gardens to grow in. Sometimes you might just have a sunny corner on a balcony of your apartment or a small sun-filled window to grow in. So when you can’t grow out far and wide - you grow up!

Grow Vertically! popup garden on balcony

Any location 2 feet wide lets you garden with ease and convenience! Can’t bend over? Got sore knees? Now there’s no reaching, stretching, or bending to harvest veggies or admire the flowers with a PopUp Garden! 

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Create easy-to-reach gardening for all and take your garden anywhere! Keep kids and pets away from your plants by growing higher than they can reach.

Place the plant trays where on the four sides and two levels you want them and there are no tools required to adjust, or readjust them as you desire! Adjust the trays as plants grow taller or spill longer. Add or remove trays as necessary and easily move the entire unit in case of bad weather, moving or just rearranging your space! 

The top planter holds larger plants and even a smaller obelisk or plant tower for climbing vines! Drop in a small shrub or perennial to fill the top or grow larger annuals in the deeper planter the top insert allows! Try a fancy mix of upright, mounding and spillers, fillers and thrillers in your planter! Larger up top and small perennials or annuals filling in the trays below! There’s even room in the bottom for another plant in a pot of your choice!

What’s Included in the Deluxe PopUp Garden

Imagine flowers cascading in every corner of your porch, herbs within easy reach on your patio, or vegetables growing on your balcony! It’s easy with these portable, lightweight, and adjustable planters! 

Whether you do have an area to plant in or not, these fantastic stackable planters are modular, easy to set up without tools, and you can be ready to plant in minutes!

Each Deluxe PopUp Garden is 17x17 inches wide and 40 inches tall and includes:

  • 3-Stand Component with Interlocking Sections - No Tools Required!
  • Assembles In Seconds
  • Planter for top insert
  • Bottom Drip Tray
  • 4-Pack of Adjustable Side Trays

Sleek, durable, and lightweight, the Deluxe PopUp Garden Stand arrives at your doorstep with everything you need to start gardening on the fly! Just unpack it and stack it, and place the drip tray on the bottom. Insert planter to the top, and you're ready to garden! 

The stand itself fully assembled is only 13.4lbs and made from sturdy recyclable PP-Copolymer plastic, it is naturally BPA-free and UV resistant!

what's included

Some Great Plant Combos to Try!

Use a single planter by your BBQ grill for herbs that zest up your food, add one by your outdoor bar for freshly picked mints and garnish for your drinks! Need some fragrant flowers by your favorite chair on a patio but don’t have any ground to plant in? Grow vertically! Even climbing or spiller plants look great in these sleek, durable planters!

  • Add a Bushel and Berry® Peach Sorbet® or Midnight Cascade® Blueberry Bush, or a Raspberry Shortcake® up top and fill in the trays with spilling Strawberry plants and small veggies for healthy fruit that won’t take up lots of space!
  • Try a dwarf Filigree Clematis climbing on a pyramid support in the center, skirted in Bowles Periwinkle spillers on the top, and fill the trays with Creeping Sedum, Germander, and dwarf Lavender. 
  • Plant a tall Fern filling the top planter and smaller shade plants like Dwarf Hosta, Ivy or Lamium in the trays! 
  • Go high-style with a spikey Yucca or Foxtail Fern up top and Golden Creeping Thyme spilling out around it. Fill the trays with Creeping Zinnia, dramatic Ajuga or Succulents! 
  • Grow peppers or cherry tomatoes in the top planter and create your own salsa garden or Italian herb garden in the trays! Mini carrots and green onions happily ramble in these trays! Tuck in a Robert Grimm Dwarf Culinary Sage and Cascading Rosemary for spillers.
  • Go formal with a Dwarf Yaupon Holly topper, Mondo grass in the trays and Ajuga groundcover spillers filling in the gaps from top to bottom!
  • You can even move your houseplants outdoors or grow them vertically indoors in front of a sunny window! Pair a colorful Croton with spilling Philodendrons and Golden Creeping Jenny for a high-style display!

It’s entirely up to you!

Save Space! infographic

Your new Deluxe PopUp Garden is so space-saving and convenient that it fits about anywhere! Tuck into the corner of a porch, deck, or balcony for container gardening or edible landscaping without losing out on space. Grow flowers or veggies around your seating areas, on a front stoop, or add an herb garden by your back door. Talk about convenience! 

Maybe you have a flower bed that needs some height? Or drop one right in the middle of an existing veggie garden to elevate smaller plants that might get swallowed by vines or taller plants! You’ll love adding height to any planting bed with the Deluxe PopUp Garden!

Each modular PopUp Garden allows you to grow plants both up, down, and around more than doubling potential crop yield in the same space by 245%! Easily grow organically in the city, plant flowers in a postage stamp backyard, grow microgreens by a sunny window, or snip herbs on a three-season porch. 

The main container has an opening to allow for drainage or to grow vining plants. It's just another way the PopUp Garden allows you to maximize your growing potential in a small space!

The Deluxe PopUp Garden revolutionizes small-space gardening by making vertical gardening easy, portable and convenient! Now you can enjoy flowers, veggies, and herbs anywhere! 

Check out these amenities:

  • Lightweight, Self-Supporting & Sustainable popup garden 3
  • Perfect for balcony and terrace or even sunrooms
  • Easily portable
  • Configurable trays and height
  • Conserves space
  • Deters pests, fungus and weeds
  • Optimal airflow to prevent rot & disease
  • Adjustable height 
  • Spill-proof drip tray - No Mess
  • Closely monitor and control moisture and care

No matter how small your garden is, you will harvest more by growing plants vertically. The benefit of growing up (and not out) include greater yield, easier harvesting and doubling potential crop yield in the same space by 245%!

It's a Plantdemic with PopUp Gardening! 

Produce a fabulous, fluffy foodscaping garden even in the smallest of spaces! Just add soil and plants! Head over to today and grab everything you need for your garden - no matter how much room you have to work with!

Happy Planting!

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