butterfly bush flower

Propagation of butterfly bushes is easy to do. There are several ways to spread these lovely flowering shrubs, and no one is better than the others. Seeds can be sown throughout the area desired, and the plants will grow themselves. Butterfly bush seeds can be found in most nurseries and garden centers. Another way of propagating butterfly bushes is by cuttings. Cut off a branch near a healthy bud.  The branch should then be planted in fertile soil with direct sunlight and watered regularly until the roots take hold. This will grow into a full sized butterfly bush in a few years.

Division is another good form of propagating butterfly bushes.  When a bush is large enough, dig it up and divide it into two or more smaller bushes that will be transplanted back into the soil. Propagating butterfly bushes will also happen naturally.  Butterfly bushes are often considered to be invasive, and will spread rampant if given the chance.  This natural propagation of butterfly bushes works best in rural areas, where the plants will have little human intervention.