Health Benefits of Aronia Berries

Health Benefits of Aronia Berries

Aronia is a hot new superfruit

Aronia plants are known as chokeberry plants. We know that name is not very appealing. On the contrary, Chokeberry plants offer multi-seasonal interest with flowers, fruit, fall color, and fruit that persists all winter long.Aronia plants make killer landscape plants, and are most desirable because they are wildly adaptable to sun or shade, and tolerate almost all kinds of soils, even those that don't drain well. Aronia plants have super glossy leaves all season long. In fall, they burst out into shades of red, purple, and orange putting on quite a show.


Aronia Shrub Fall ColorAronia Shrub Fall Color  

The Red-fruited Chokeberry plants from our nurseries include Brilliantissima, and Erecta. 'Erecta' is an upright form. Both have white flowers born in clusters, with red aronia berries that persist, and a fall color of beautiful orange and red.

Red Chokeberry FruitRed Chokeberry Fruit 

 The Black-fruited Chokeberry plants from our nurseries include the Black species (native melanocarpa), Autumn Magic (compact form), Viking (excellent for fruiting) and Low Scape Mound (the hot new compact ground cover type). The black fruited varieties are prized not only for the great landscape value, but more recently everyone has discovered the amazing health benefits of the fruit.  

Autumn Magic Black Chokeberry Fruit 2 rectangular for articleAutumn Black Magic Chokeberry Fruit.

Aronia berries resemble blueberries in size, and they are born in clusters. They become fully ripe in mid-late August when the sugar content is the highest. The fruit is quite astringent and resembles the flavor of a dry red wine.

The fruits have been tested as having incredible amounts of anthocyanins, and the highest amounts of antioxidants of any fruit tested, which aids in eliminating inflammation in the body.

The health benefits from the fruit are amazing and Aronia berries are being used in many interesting new ways. You can find them fresh, dried and sweetened, or in juices and concentrates. Use them fresh whenever you can as you would a blueberry and add them to fruit salads, baked in cookies, pies or other confectionery while they are available. Throw them in the freezer to add to smoothies or baked goods, or in baby food preparations.

Once you read all the health benefits from this amazing berry, you will want a steady supply of the fruits.  

The Midwest Aronia Association has included some excellent information regarding all facets of Aronia and the health benefits of Aronia berries. It is worthwhile reading at your convenience: Aronia Berry: What is it?  

Why Aronia?

* Outstanding multi-season landscape plant that is very adaptable
* Many different forms of the plant to fit your landscape
* The incredible super berries reduce inflammation in the body and have many other attributes
* Super hardy, relatively pest free plants, native in the upper tier of states


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