Harvest Time for your Super Berries from the Aronia Plants

Harvest Time for your Super Berries from the Aronia Plants

Black Chokeberry plants are native to the upper Midwest and northeast states and into Canada.  There has been a lot of research and breeding going on with the Aronia plants commonly known as Black Chokeberry.  Maybe Chokeberry doesn’t sound so attractive, so some like to call them Black Appleberries. 

See, the thing about these deep dark berries is that they help to eliminate inflammation in the body and the antioxidant levels are more than 340% higher than blueberries!  Holy cow!

These deep dark fruits are so easy to grow on super hardy bushes that produce many pounds of fruit each year.  The beauty of Aronia berries is they all ripen at the same time so they can all be harvested now before they begin to shrivel.  They must be pulled from the bushes.  They look like Blueberries in size and are similar in color. 

Aronia berries are somewhat astringent and taste somewhat like a dry red wine.  They are more palatable when you know the health benefits because you know they are great for you… but you may want to use the fruits in smoothies, for baking or for juice or juice blends. 

Pick and freeze the fruits and use them as you like throughout the year.

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