Fall Planting Bulbs Leads to Bright Spring Blooms

Fall Planting Bulbs Leads to Bright Spring Blooms

garden full of fall planting bulbs daffodil and tulip

Are you ready to start planting this fall for gorgeous spring flowers? We definitely are. Unfortunately, we do have to wait just a bit for the ground to cool before planting these bulbs. Like trees and other plants, they need a cooling period and time to establish a healthy root system. Let’s dive into the world of fall planting bulbs...

Which Fall Planting Bulb is Right For You?

We have one answer and one answer only--ALL OF THEM! These colorful and fun bulbs add life and texture to any garden or landscape!

You don’t have to have a rainbow in your yard--many of these flowers come in neutral and soft colors. Some of our favorites are soft white and yellow colors that brighten up early spring.

We do, however, have the flowers to create the brightest spring garden on your block! Do you need vibrant yellows, pinks, purples, or blues? We’ve got you covered.

When we say fall planting bulbs, we mean spring blooming flowers! These flowers are not fall blooming. Plant these babies in the fall for full, gorgeous spring flowers.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how to use these beautiful bulbs in the landscape, when and how to plant them, and show off our favorite fall planting bulbs!

How Do You Use Fall Planting Bulbs in the Landscape?

There are so many ways to use fall bulbs in your garden, landscape, or yard. You can be as creative as you’d like when planning your layout! 

A bonus about all of these flowers is they act amazing as cut flowers! Create a homegrown bouquet you can show off at every meal. Imagine all the spring flowers and fresh fragrances brightening up your home!

One way many people use their fall planting bulbs is to decorate their front yard! These amazing blooms look beautiful when surrounding rocks, a tree, or around a porch. Vivid colors and big blooms can completely transform a front yard.

Another favorite is to line an above-ground pool with these beautiful spring blooms! This can distract from the pool walls and decorate them with nice colors.

Spring blooms are also used to make gorgeous garden beds! You can create a lovely mixture of colors and textures.

A fabulous use of these bulbs is creating a pre-planned living picture! Imagine a living picture on a small hill or on a business’s landscape--it’s truly amazing!

The possibilities are endless with all the different colors and shapes offered with fall planting bulbs. Let your creativity shine through when planning your landscape.

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When do I Plant Fall Bulbs?

You may wonder: When do I plant these exactly? Here’s the thing: If we ship it, you can plant it! As long as the ground isn’t frozen, you’re set to plant these.

How to Plant and Maintain Bulbs

This is the fun part! There definitely are many ways to plant these flowers. For example, you can plant them in the ground or containers! You can even try forcing them inside to grow in your home. We’ll, however, be discussing how to plant in the ground.

Of course, you need to make sure you’re giving your bulb the right amount of sunlight and the correct soil it prefers! This should all be listed with your flower on its description page.

Once you’ve found the perfect spot for your new addition, it’s time to plant! A good rule of thumb is to plant your bulb 2 to 3 times as deep as the bulb height.

After your hole is dug, prepare your soil if you’d like to add nutrients or improve the drainage abilities. This is optional, as long as your drainage is working well, as most fall planting bulbs like well-drained soil.

Next, place your bulb with the roots down and pointy side up in your hole. You can then cover your planted flower bulb with soil and, if you wish, a layer of mulch to conserve water and protect roots.

Watering your newly planted bulb is very important! This ensures they become established in their new growing area. A great rule of thumb to decide if your new addition needs watered is using the finger test. Read our blog about the finger test here.

The next step is patience! But then when they bloom, you can enjoy your flowers! This fall planting bulb will bring your gorgeous flower to life in the spring.

Our Favorite Fall Planting Bulbs

Estella Rijnveld Parrot Tulip:

Estella Rijnveld Parrot TulipThis unique and large tulip is one of our personal favorites! The colors are truly breathtaking with dark pinks, bright greens, and creamy whites.

The tips of the petals are fringed creating a uniquely shaped bloom. The petals are mixed with many colors with no regular pattern. The dark pink is the color that pops on this lovely tulip!

This astonishing tulip grows in zones 3-8, being a cold climate lover! This late-season bloomer loves to relax in full sun and prefers well-drained soil.

These colors are hard to miss and make great cut flowers! Add the Estella Rijnveld Tulip to your garden!

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Mount Hood Daffodil:

mount hood daffodilIf you’re looking for a neutral and relaxing flower, this daffodil bulb is the one for you! Its soft white petals are simply spectacular. The light yellow inside gives the flower as a whole a nice popcorn look.

This flower grows in many different climates and zones and has a fast growth rate! This flower can thrive in both full sun and partial shade. This is versatile for spring-blooming bulbs, as most prefer full sun! Pop these in that partially shaded corner of yours.

This flower is gorgeous of course, but it’s mighty too! This flower is long-lasting, squirrel resistant, and deer resistant.

This daffodil is the perfect flower for any style of garden--you can even plant them in a container to bring up on the patio! Order the Mount Hood Daffodil today!

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Dark Eyes Muscari:

Dark Eyes MuscariLooking for a unique and eye-catching flower? This is definitely the one! Its deep blue color is extraordinary! People are sure to stop in their tracks when they see these blooms.

This grape hyacinth has deep blue florets that pile high! When the buds turn into blooms, they open to reveal white rims that pop on the bright blue. Along with looking great, its fragrance is more than a little pleasant!

This flower is easy to grow! They love the basics--full sun and well-drained soil. They prefer growing in zones 3-9, too. They grow strong and tall around 6-8 inches in height.

This alluring and mysterious flower will find its way to your heart! Buy the Dark Eyes Muscari soon before your neighbors get their hands on it!

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Carnegie Hyacinth:

Carnegie Hyacinth

This is a delicate, neutral flower that fits any garden style! It offers an amazing, strong fragrance, too.

This hyacinth is known for being strong and able to stick through spring storms and rainfalls. They thrive in zones 4-8 and full sun locations. Like other bulbs, they prefer well-drained soil as well.

Imagine this bright, creamy white planted with deep, rich colors or even bright, eye-catching colors! This is the perfect neutralizer for any color mixture. Its deep green foliage creates a lovely image for the light flower.

Add this fan-favorite flower to your garden! Order from us today.

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Jeanne D’Arc Crocus:

Jeanne D'Arc Crocus

This is another one of our favorite neutral-colored fall planting bulbs! This large blooming, sheer white flower is truly one of a kind. The pride and joy is the bright orange stamen in the middle of the large bloom!

This flower can thrive in both full sun and partial shade, making it very versatile! It prefers living in well-drained soil, too. This is an easy-to-grow flower!

These especially look gorgeous when used as borders or edging. Landscapers are a big fan of this bulb. They thrive in containers as well, so don’t worry if you have a small yard--this bulb is perfect for you!

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Globemaster Allium:

Globemaster AlliamLast, but definitely not least, the magnificent Globemaster Allium. This allium is known for being one of the largest flowering alliums! Each head is spherical, hosting hundreds of tiny blue-purple blooms.

Don’t be surprised if people stop and stare at this magical-looking flower! Seeing a 2-3 feet stalk with a giant sphere on top is hard to believe! The best part is they have a great fragrance that people will love, too.

This is just like any other flower! It loves full sun and well-drained soil.

This allium is sure to sell out, so don’t miss this one. Buy your new fall planting bulb today!

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Fall Planting Bulbs Will Grow Your Garden

Let loose and let your creativity shine! Have tremendous fun when planning your spring garden. You wouldn’t believe how much a little color can do for your yard!

Fall bulbs have great bloom periods. Tired of winter? Plant a crocus! You’ll see them right as winter ends. They are there to welcome spring with a flowery greeting.

Happy Gardening!

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