How to Grow Your Garden in the Winter With Amaryllis

How to Grow Your Garden in the Winter With Amaryllis

Red amaryllis flowers

It’s the same thing  every year-- Our gardens, landscapes, and even ourselves perk up with joy come spring. Summer passes through to bring us feelings of warmth along with a vibrant outdoors. Fall brings the oo’s and ahh’s of colorful collages of reds, yellows and browns. 

But with winter, our gardens get droopy and cold. We are saddened by the sight of our dormant landscape. The cliche green indoor plants are yesterday’s trend and we want something that will make us feel like spring, summer and fall all at the same time. 

What if we told you that you can have a sparkling display for the winter season with just a single plant? Let us introduce the potted Amaryllis that can make your winter home go from drab to fab!

What’s The Wondrous Amaryllis Flower?

And so the old Greek mythology story of Amaryllis goes: An inevitably love-struck maiden longed to love Alteo, a handsome but cold-hearted man. So desperate to win him over, the maiden pierced her heart with a golden arrow and proceeded to visit Alteo’s cottage daily. Doing so, she left a trail of drops of blood along the way. 

Beautiful scarlet red flowers immersed along the daily-walked path and so Alteo was enamored that his now love’s heart was healed. And so, our favorite winter holiday flower got its name: Amaryllis. 

Herald the holidays for the flower lovers, plant lovers and those who just appreciate the small beautiful things as our Amaryllis gifts are for you. Bonus, it’s one of the prettiest and easiest flowers you’ll ever grow. 

With huge, trumpet-shaped blossoms this winter blooming bulb is sure to bring joy to a home. Grow an award winning amaryllis on top of a sturdy deep green stalk with our Amaryllis Red Lion Economy Gift Kit. It’s one of the most vivid flowers you’ll find.

The Amaryllis flower will produce 4 to 6 massive clusters of blooms for all to gaze at. You’ll have weeks to express the ooh’s and aah’s it deserves! Imagine gifting a ready to be planted beautiful red amaryllis in a white ceramic pot to your next door neighbors for the holidays. 

How To Plant Your Festive Amaryllis

Growing Amaryllis is not a tricky trait that takes practice. You just have to follow our easy planting steps and continue to provide proper care!

planted amaryllis bulb

  • Gather the needed materials.

Lucky for you, all of our winter amaryllis bulbs come with their very own pot. So, never have to worry about running to the store to find the perfect fit. Better yet, they come with the potting soil too!

And, you can be EXTRA merry with our Amaryllis flower in a red snowflake pot or in a white snowflake pot!

  • Measure and add soil. 

Now that you have all the materials, it's time to measure and add the soil into your pot! When adding the potting mix, you want to make sure the rooted end is on the button and the top of the bulb sits slightly above the soil as seen in this picture above. 

Add in enough soil around the bulb so that the pot is filled up to the point where the flower stalk can still see the sunlight.

  • Water and sunlight time!

growing amaryllis in pot

For strong Amaryllis blooms, pick a spot to place your flower where it will receive full sun. On your dining room table near a sunny window will do the trick. Or place it on a living room end table where it can soak up the sunlight too. 

As your bulb starts to sprout, we suggest watering sparingly when it feels dry. As it continues to grow, increase the amount of water you supply it with in order to keep the soil moist. 

Of course, you can skip the process of planting with our Amaryllis in red, gold or silver wax gloss! These bulbs don't deal with fuss of pots or soil and are the perfect holiday flower, winter bloomer and decoration piece all rolled up in one. 

And since they already come planted in holiday decorated pots, you can use them for gifts too! 

This winter, grow or give something that can be looked forward to instead of waiting around for the spring feelings to begin. With our potted Amaryllis bulbs, holiday cheer awaits you and your loved one!

Happy gardening!

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