Creating Interest on Your Brick Patio

Creating Interest on Your Brick Patio

How is your brick patio looking?  How are you using that space? 

Typically, you have seating areas and fire pit areas, and there are some places that are just unused.  Why not create a little interest in those out of the way spots?  Center spots, edges, corners all can be transformed into super little garden areas.

How about removing some of those bricks in that patio and use those spots to showcase some of your favorite plants?  Remove the bricks to create an irregular interesting shape.  Perhaps you have a very formal patio and you can also do a very formal design as well.  How about pulling out part of a row and including Mixed Sedum just to define the edge?

Remove the sand, gravel and replace with a planting mix based upon the kind of plants you will use.  You can also build up the area some to create even more interest. 

Hot and sunny areas scream for Sedums, Yuccas, Cactus, Lavender, succulents and other xeriscape plants.  Don’t forget to include some annuals for long term color.  Just think what you can include in a shaded spot…. Ferns, moss, Hosta, Begonias all of these will like a richer soil with more organic matter.

Have some fun with it.  

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