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Bald Cypress Tree Overview
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Bald Cypress Tree

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Unique Long-Lived Tree with 4-Season Appeal

Bald Cypress ,Taxodium distichum, is a deciduous tree with many admirable features.  Plant one to provide a strong focal point for your front yard.

The Bald Cypress Tree isn’t all it seems.  It looks like an evergreen, but it actually drops its foliage in the fall, hence the name “bald”.  It also has far more to offer than a typical evergreen, providing decorative interest all year round.

Your Bald Cypress Tree is a lofty, deciduous conifer with a slender, pyramidal habit.  Its needle-like leaves are radiant green in spring and summer, a perfect accent to your colorful summer plantings. 

The fern-like foliage is soft and flowing, easily swayed by gentle breezes and lending a graceful accent to your landscape.  As if this lovely display weren’t enough, autumn brings gorgeous hues of cinnamon-red to your Bald Cypress Tree that will certainly turn heads throughout the fall season. 

Even in the winter your Bald Cypress Trees are sure to please.  When its bright fall foliage has fallen, its trunk is revealed, resplendent in its distinctive raiment of copper-brown bark that peels off in long strips for a truly unique display.

The Bald Cypress is well known for its love of wet areas, but it’s also adaptable to dry areas and city conditions.  It’s a fast-growing tree with 2.5 feet of growth expected each year until it reaches a mature height of 50-65 feet.

Your Bald Cypress Tree is clearly a unique and special tree, including being extremely long-lived. In fact, the oldest known Bald Cypress Tree (in N. Carolina), is over 1,600 years old!  Plant one today and you’ll not only enjoy the Bald Cypress’ unique qualities, but so also will generations to come.

* Fast-growing
* Long-lived
* Low maintenance


Bald Cypress Tree Is Suited to Grow in Zones 4-10
Growing Zones 4-10
More Information
Brand Nature Hills Nursery
Botanical Name Taxodium distichum
Foliage Green
Mature Height 50 - 65 feet
Mature Spread 20 - 30 feet
Soil Type Sandy, Clay, Loam
Sun Exposure Full Sun, Partial Sun
Growth Rate Fast
Fall Color Orange