Be Patient With Wet Soils

Be Patient With Wet Soils

If you have been getting lots of rain, don’t be too quick to get out and work those wet soils in your yard and gardens.  Wet soils are very easy to compact. 

The biggest enemy for growing healthy plants is compacted soils.   Heavier clay soils take much longer to dry out before working them.  Those of you with sandier soils will find you are able to get back in the garden much sooner.

Adding organic matter to your veggie and flower beds is very beneficial for growing and improve drainage.  Make your own compost, or you may want to check out your local compost sites.

Another thing that you might want to reconsider is rolling your lawn.  Why would you want to compact your soil and make it harder for your grass plants to grow well?  If you have an uneven turf area, you are better off filling in with soil raked into the low areas. You may instead consider have your lawn aerated instead of rolling your lawn.

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