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Enjoy browsing our collection of clematis varieties! There are so many different species and cultivars of clematis on the market, there’s one for nearly every garden. The color and appearance of clematis flowers varies widely, giving you plenty of options to choose from. Both deciduous and evergreen clematis species exist, with a wide variety of bloom times. Perennial clematis plants bloom year after year, and clematis vines become woody with age, making them perfect for a permanent spot in your garden. Evergreen clematis are popular choices to add color to the winter garden, as they can bloom as early as late-winter and keep their flowers until late-autumn. These are also sometimes known as leather flowers.

Tips for choosing the perfect clematis plant for your garden:

  • Needs a lot of water - mature vines can use 2 gallons per day
  • At least six hours of sun per day is ideal
  • Can be grown in containers or directly in the ground
  • Pay attention to the specific needs of the cultivar you plan to plant

For more information check our our Clematis Care articles on our blog.