Trees, Shrubs & Perennials for Connecticut

State Tree:

  • Charter Oak (Quercus alba)

State Flower:

  • Mountain Laurel (Kalmia latifolia)

USDA Growing Zones in Connecticut:

  • 6 & 7

Choosing Trees & Shrubs for Your Connecticut Landscape

Wherever you reside between the tri-state area and the tri-corners, Nature Hills Nursery has many solutions for your yard and garden planting. Connecticut is one of the steadiest states for growing, with the regions varying between USDA Planting Zones 5-7. We’ll help you find the right Connecticut trees and shrubs for these guidelines as well as the weather, soil conditions and other factors unique to the Constitution State..


There are several ways to shop for Connecticut plants. Categories such as Evergreen Trees, Fruit Trees, Privacy Shrubs and Blue Flowering Shrubs allow you to search based on the specific look and function you want. Our Bestseller sections show your trees, shrubs and perennials that other Nutmeggers have found enhance their property. Each plant page has a Highlight Facts section with all the basic growing requirements. Look for the Plant Sentry™ symbol so you know a sapling is compliant with state agricultural laws and shipping regulations.


Nature Hills Nursery provides all the data you need to make an informed choice about your next Connecticut planting purchase with FedEx Ground shipping right to your door. We also offer eGift cards if you want to surprise a Connecticut-based friend with a green thumb. Read reviews from real customers to see why people choose Nature Hills Nursery for their online plant ordering.