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Snowsweet Apples Overview
Snowsweet Apples Overview Snowsweet Apple Tree Snowsweet Apples in Basket
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Fireside Apple Tree

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Arizona Red Shades Blanket Flower

Snowsweet® Apple Tree

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Perfect for fruit salad!

Fruit salad, the staple of brunches everywhere, has always had a dark side. You know what we’re talking about – it can take hours of cutting up fresh fruit into perfectly-sized chunks to make the salad look great, especially if you’re feeding a big group. Then, after all of that hard work you unwrap your masterpiece on the buffet table, only to see the apples have already started to brown! It’s the worst. Nothing makes a fresh-fruit salad look as unappetizing as browning apples in the mix.

Now we have Snowsweet Apple Tree (Malus domestica 'Snowsweet' ) to the rescue! This relative new-comer on the orchard scene (developed in 2006 at the University of Minnesota) was developed to have snow-white flesh that stays crisp and resists oxidizing (turning brown) long after you slice it. No more waiting until you get to the party to slice up the apples at the last minute! It stores for a long time too – 2 months or more!

The beautiful fruit is classic apple-red so it looks as appetizing as it tastes.

The tree is as beautiful as the fruit it bears, too. It is very open but has a slight ‘droop’ that gives it a very romantic look in the home landscape. The sweet fruit ripens in September.

This is a great northern apple tree where it survives hard winters without a problem. For best yields you’ll want to pick another early or mid-season variety like Empire or Red Delicious to plant with it as a pollinator.

Don’t be embarrassed at the brunch buffet table again! Order brown-resistant Snowsweet Apples from us today!

* Beautiful red fruit with bright white flesh
* Easy care
* Handles cold winters
* Keeps for 2 months or more
* Bred to resist browning after cutting


Snowsweet® Apple Tree Is Suited to Grow in Zones 4-7
Growing Zones 4-7
More Information
Brand Nature Hills Nursery
Botanical Name Malus ‘Wildung’
Foliage Deciduous
Mature Height 20 - 25 feet
Mature Spread 12 - 20 feet
Soil Type Well drained soils
Moisture Water to establish, then as needed during dry periods
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Growth Rate Medium
Flower Color White
Foliage Color Green
Fruiting Time Fall