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Royalty Crabapple Overview
Royalty Crabapple Overview Royalty Crabapple Close Up
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Indian Magic Crabapple Flowers and Leaves

Indian Magic Crabapple

Royalty Crabapple

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Small Crabapple with Color All Season

The Royalty Crabapple is an ornamental tree with brilliant color and edible fruit. One would look impressive as a shade or street tree in your yard.

At 20 feet tall, this is one of the best small trees for outstanding color. It’s simply one of the most beautiful trees you’ll ever have. Just the leaves alone are a study in grandeur. Their emergence in spring will clothe your tree in a cacophony of purple hues unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

This will be augmented with deep pink flowers that will beckon pollinators with their lovely sweet fragrance. The effect upon your emerging spring landscape will be stunning.

Fall will bring ripened small purple-red fruit that will provide a beneficial food source for your wildlife. The fruit tends to hang on into winter for added seasonal interest.

Your Royalty Crabapple is disease resistant, generally low maintenance and can handle quite a bit of cold. Deer and bunnies don’t seem to bother it, and it’s even tolerant of pollution and urban conditions.

The Royalty Crabapple is a hardy, ornamental tree that will be a decorative accent to your yard for many years. Plant one or more today for their spectacular color and seasonal interest.

* Burgundy Foliage
* Disease Resistant
* Small Tree



Royalty Crabapple Is Suited to Grow in Zones 3-7
Growing Zones 3-7
More Information
Brand Nature Hills Nursery
Botanical Name Malus 'Royalty'
Foliage Purple
Mature Height 18 - 20 feet
Mature Spread 15 - 20 feet
Soil Type Widely Adaptable
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Growth Rate Medium
Flower Color Single, Dark Red
Fall Color Orange