Grandiflora Rose Bushes for Sale

Grandiflora Rose Bushes for Sale

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Grandiflora Roses for Sale at Nature Hills Nursery

Grandiflora roses are a cross between a Floribunda and Hybrid Tea Rose, and you’ll find a fine selection of grandiflora roses for sale at Nature Hills Nursery. Multiple Orange Rose blooms

Grandifloras typically have long stems with clusters of flowers on the top. Due to their gorgeous nature, the blooms are traditionally used in cut flower arrangements.

Grandiflora roses are consistent rebloomers that grow to various shapes and heights and come in a wide range of colors. For the most part, Grandifloras are generally hardier than Hybrid Tea roses and suffer less from winter kill. 

These rose bushes are ideal as a background or border planting. They are also excellent as a solo specimen in a prominent location.

Check out the range of grandiflora rose bushes for sale at Nature Hills Nursery to find the one that works best for you. You can narrow down your choices by using our USDA zone filter to find those suited for your planting zone. You can also filter by sun requirements, size and color.

Family-owned and operated since 2001, Nature Hills Nursery prides itself on meeting the needs of customers with an ever-growing collection of online plants backed by our product guarantee and protected by Plant Sentry™. Plant Sentry is software that helps ensure regulated plant material isn’t shipped to prohibited areas.

Some of our most popular Grandiflora Rose plants for sale include: Red and White Spotted Rose

All of our rose bushes are delivered safely to your home when the planting time is right in your area. They come complete with instructions on planting, care and storage, so you can order knowing you’ll have exactly what you need.

Grandiflora FAQ 

What is a Grandiflora Rose bush? Yellow and Pink Gradient Petal Rose

Developed in 1954, Grandiflora Rose plants are a cross between a Floribunda and Hybrid Tea Roses. Grandifloras typically have long stems with clusters of flowers on the top. 

Are Grandiflora Roses easy to grow?

The Grandiflora Rose has similar needs as other roses, requirement the right amount and type of sun, water and soil to thrive. They are modern shrubs with great disease resistance and pest resistance. Prune off old flower heads to keep the blooms returning all growing season.

How do I prune my roses?

Prune Rose plants in the early spring before you see new growth. There are many benefits to pruning. Pruning tips include:

  • Remove dead and diseased wood. Prune canes at a 45-degree angle. Dark Purple Rose Blooms
  • Improve air circulation and sunlight reaching the interior of the plant.
  • Encourage fresh growth with vigorous flowering canes.
  • Remove old canes at the crown.
  • Cut younger canes back to about six to eight inches above the crown.
    • For Climbing Roses: Cut flowering canes back by one-third or one-half.
    • For Smaller Roses and Miniature bushes: Cut back to two to four inches.

Our garden blog has some great info on rose pruning: When Do I Prune My Roses?

Feel free to send any other questions our way. Our expert growers are always happy to help. Browse the selection of grandiflora roses for sale at Nature Hills Nursery and place your order today.

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