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Some other common names for lungwort are common lungwort or Lady’s milk drops. Its botanical name is Pulmonaria officinalis which in Latin Pulmoa means lung. Officinalis is added to the name because of the medical properties it possesses; aids in the treatment of coughs and diseases of the chest.

Lungwort perennial plants are not only very attractive, but they are hardy, resilient, and easy to grow. They spread by their slow creeping rhizones, yet are not invasive. If you have a shaded area that needs some “pizzazz”, consider planting lungwort in large masses as a shady groundcover. Lungwort will provide clusters of brilliant blue, pink, or white blossoms in the spring, and continue showing off their attractive and colorful leaves throughout the summer and fall seasons.

To add texture and patterns to your shaded area, plant other shade plants with lungwort, such as ferns, primroses, or hostas; use lungwort to brighten up your borders or edgings as well. One of the most colorful lungwort is ‘Cevennensis’. It produces dark violet-blue blossoms in part shade to full shade and requires average well drained soil. It is best for lungwort to receive sufficient moisture. If overcrowding occurs, divide plants in the fall.