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Gorgeous Bellflower Blooms For Your Garden 

The Bellflower plant gets its name from its bell-shaped flower; campanula is Latin for “little bell.” The long lasting, abundant flowers are produced in panicles, and are mostly striking colors of blue to purple, sometimes white or pink. Bellflower plants vary in height, with shorter plants being used for ground cover, and other plants reaching two feet or more - which look fabulous in the back of a border or as a cutting.

Being exceptionally versatile, Bellflower plants can be used in containers, rock gardens, woodlands, wildflower gardens and along garden borders. This plant is easy to grow; all that is needed is a sunny and lightly-shaded, well-drained garden. The bellflower is hardy, vigorous and persistent.

Most bellflowers are perennial, though some are biennial or even annual. Early to midsummer is peak bloom season for bellflower plants, but blooming may continue through summer and into fall if you take some time to deadhead.

Offering an enormous variety of flower options, there is a campanula for nearly any garden. Bellflower plants also make a lovely complement to other perennials in your garden.