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Purple Flowered Rock Rose

Pink Breath of Heaven Overview

Pink Breath of Heaven

Louis Edmunds Manzanita

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Help Out a Rare Plant!

You hear a lot about conservation these days and the need to protect species that are declining in the wild. It’s usually the cute or fuzzy ones that get all the attention – pandas, gorillas, sea turtles.

You don’t often hear of the plants that are disappearing in the wild. Louis Edmunds Manzanita (Arctostaphylos bakeri ‘Louis Edmunds’), while not on the endangered plants list, is considered very rare and highly threatened by quickly moving development in its native Sonoma County, CA.

So, give a plant a hand! The more you plant, the better chance these great shrubs have at staying off of the endangered plants list.

Louis Edmunds Manzanita is a beautiful upright shrub that gets a whopping 6 foot tall and wide. It is a very durable native that is super-easy care if it is planted in a place it loves.

The pretty gray-green leaves contrast nicely with the purple-brown trunks and they are the perfect background to show off the showy clusters of pink flowers that cover the plant in the spring. (The flowers are a striking ‘urn’ shape that demand closer examination.)

The flowers are followed by berries that attract waxwings, robins and mockingbirds to come a stay for a while. (The foliage also provides safe coverage for quail and hummingbirds.)

These heat lovers are very drought tolerant and are great for sunny, dry areas (though they do enjoy an occasional deep watering).

Don’t wait until our supply of these rare plants is depleted. Order yours today!

* 4 seasons of interest

* Spring flowers

* Berries the birds love

* Full sun

* Shelter and food for wildlife

* North American native selection


Louis Edmunds Manzanita Is Suited to Grow in Zones 8-10
Growing Zones 8-10
More Information
Brand Nature Hills Nursery
Botanical Name Arctostaphylos bakeri 'Louis Edmunds'
Foliage Broadleaved Evergreen
Mature Height 6 - 8 feet
Mature Spread 5 - 6 feet
Soil Type Most Soils
Moisture Low
Sun Exposure Full Sun, Full Shade, Partial Sun
Growth Rate Slow
Flower Color Pink
Foliage Color Gray Green
Fruiting Time Summer