Jujube Trees

Jujube Trees

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Unique Jujube Tree Really Delivers For Home Gardeners

The jujube tree features gorgeous fall color and has a number of qualities that landscapers and homeowners appreciate. Native to China, the jujube tree is a small, deciduous tree with shiny green foliage and unique, gray bark. In the fall, the green leaves morph into a brilliant yellow.

Jujube trees are incredibly strong, able to withstand hot summers, cold winters, and are pest- and disease-resistant. This resilient tree is capable of flourishing in subzero temperatures and can adapt to scorching heat and drought.

The fruit of the tree can be eaten when immature and green, has crisp skin and an apple-like flavor. When the jujube fruit matures, it turns dark purple, wrinkles, and looks similar to a date. Jujubes – also called Chinese dates – can be eaten fresh, dried, added to salads, or put into tea for additional flavor.